Holycross College Nagercoil
International Conference
The Report of the International conference held on 1st & 2nd February The IQAC of the college, as a part of its quality enhancement drive to help the faculty to get updated with the latest teaching-learning practices, had arranged a Two Day International Conference on QUALITY ENHANCEMENT: NEW AGE TEACHING AND CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT. The conference was segmented into five sessions. The core event of the conference began with the session by Dr.Thiyagarajan, Director of MBA, Sourashtra College, Madurai, on “Professional Ethics in Higher Education.” He elaborated on the need to acquire certain ethical values for the smooth conduct of the academic activities. In the second session Dr.N. Devaki, Assistant Professor, Gandhigram Rural Institute, Dindukal, dealt with “ Innovative Pedagogy for the Zen Learners”. She elaborated some of the modern techniques-- flipped classroom, blended learning, suggestopedia, gamification etc. She also explicated ed on pedagogies like reflective pedagogy, critical pedagogy, nai-talim pedagogy giving more stress on Heutagogy which is based on self- determined learning. The third session of the second day, Dr. Senthil Kumar, Lecturer of English, Bahrain Training Institute, Bahrain, who was in Bahrain addressed the audience through webinar. In the interactive session he demonstrated the classroom application of the educational tools, Edmodo, Kahoot, Quizizz etc. The fourth session was ‘Hands on Training - Google Apps for Education” by Er. Hariharan, EDUSCULPT, Chennai. He made the faculty to explore the different google applications for the advantage of the teaching- learning process. The fifth session by Dr. Sahaya Selvi, Assistant Professor of Commerce, was titled “Teacher and Classroom Management in the 21st century” she stressed on the need to change the techniques in accordance with the receptive mood and the capacity of the students. 170 beneficiaries expressed that the seminar introduced the changing face of Higher Education in India and especially the teaching strategies and pedagogy offering a substantial insight into professional ethics. The webinar and the hands on training programme further assisted teachers to be confident about the new technologies.