Holycross College Nagercoil
International Seminar
An International Seminar on Network Modeling by Graphns ad Syntactic Approach in Pattern Recognition was organized by the department of Mathematics (Aided) on 24th January 2019. The Resource Person of the I Technical session was Dr.P. Antony Kishore, Lecture in Mathematics, IT Department, Ibri College of Technology, Ibri, Oman. He Spoke on “Network Modeling by Graphs “. He discussed about the various types of graphs and their application in Telecommunical, Electrical, Pipeline and many other networks using power point presentation. The Resource Person for the II Technical session was Dr. T. Rajaretnam, Associate Professor of Mathematics, St. Josephs College(Autonomous), Thiruchirapalli-620002. He spoke on “Fuzzy Syntactic Approach in Pattern Recognition”. He spoke on language and grammar in Automata theory and discussed the role of fuzzy mathematics in Robotics. There were participants from eleven neighboring colleges and also many Research scholars from the M.S.University. The seminar came to an end with the distribution of certificates in the valedictory session by Dr.Sr. Sophy.