Holycross College Nagercoil
INTERNATIONAL DAY OF YOGA JUNE 21st, 2019. Keeping the sprit of International Day of Yoga alive all across the world, the members of the IQAC Team of our college organized Yoga programme for the students on 19th June 2019 as a part of the Student’s Induction Programme. The Yoga Master Mr. S.Ananth Nagarajan and Trainer R.Anantha Lekshmi have taken classes with high level of dedication. He gave a Motivational speech on Mind, Health, Education, Meditation and Benefits of Yoga. Students were taught to practice Pranayama, Surya Namaskar and various Asanas starting with Thadasana, Eka Pada Asana, Chakrasana, Eka pada Asana, Chakrasana, Uthkadasana, Padmasana, Vajrasana, Pachimothasana, Makamudra, Uddhana padasana, Navasana, Pavana Mukthasana and ending with Shavasana. Around 700 students and 35 Teachers participated in this programme. The importance of Yoga was highlighted to all the students