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Genesis and Growth of Holy Cross College

Principal speaks

Dear Stakeholders and friends,
Greetings to you from the land’s end! Welcome to our website!

Holy Cross College, the first women’s college in Kanyakumari District was established by the Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod in 1965 in response to the invitation of the then Bishop Angisamy, Bishop of Kottar with the main purpose of providing University education in a Christian atmosphere to the deserving women students irrespective of caste and creed, with the watchword ‘Excellence is the expression of the Divine’. Today, we the members of the crossian family are called to make a difference in a world that is corrupted by the illusion “you are what you have” that throws one in a permanent desire for more money, more power etc. and to actualize the vision “Excellence is the expression of the Divine”. We are called to excel not only in actualizing the goals of National Education policy of Expansion, Inclusion, and Excellence but also of reaching out to every sector of the society through our students, the marvelous gifts given by God. Once we find our calling, we get excited and begin to stand for something truly great. Greatness comes from beginning something that does not end with us. We are invited to harness all the resources, facilities and avenues available to promote human good with social justice and societal consciousness. We try to amalgamate compassion and discipline in all our research, teaching and learning, curricular, co-curricular, extra- curricular and outreach activities. The education we offer is value based, the research we carry out should is socially relevant; the co-curricular, extra- curricular and the outreach programme we conduct is life-giving and the students who cross our portals are trained to take risks to be agents of societal change. Once we shift from a selfish compulsion to survive into a heartfelt commitment to serve, our life cannot help but explode into success.

In short, we the members of this temple of learning are called to cross all boundaries to look for the undying light of God, to be the light to others especially the poor and the sick, the neglected and the marginalized. To be the torch-bearers, we need to create a large space and dissolve borders by integrating the spiritual dimension into education.

In the words of Rabindranath Tagore, “Education in all its different forms and channels has its ultimate purpose in the evolving of a luminous sphere of human mind from the nebula that has been rushing round ages to find in itself an eternal centre of unity”. Accordingly all our academic and non academic pursuits are concentric with this eternal centre of unity. We find God wrapt in us like the oak enswathed within the acorn!

– Sr. M.R. Basil Rose

Huge history held in a seed

Holy Cross College is situated in a semi-urban village called Kurusady in Kanniyakumari District. It is known for its scenic beauty, serenity and academic abundance. Kurusady was earlier known as Panchavankadu (Pancha-five, van-dense, kadu-forest) and this finds an etymological connection with the Pandava brothers who figure in the great Indian Epic Mahabarata. The place is said to have derived its name from the Pandava brothers who were supposed to have chosen this hide-out during their long exile. A mere 20 km. strip of land seperates it from the southernmost tip of India, the land of tri-sea splendor called Kanniyakumari (Cape Comorin) which is a much sought after tourist centre; Here the Indian Ocean is flanked by the choppy, turbulent celadon green waters of the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Much of the districts’ unwritten history holds interesting details and disputed facts. This district is also believed to be the birth place of the Mahakavi Thiruvalluvar and grammarian in Tamil Tholkappiar. Further it blessed with the footprints of Swami Vivekananda on a rock amidst the sea in Kanniyakumari where he meditated. Holy Cross College, Nagercoil is the first women’s college in Kanyakumari District, established and administered by the Congregation of the Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod which has its head quarters in Geneva, Switzerland. In the sixties Catholic girls,of the district did not have

Student's Prayer

Classroom Prayer before each session prayer

O God, source of all wisdom, I thank you.
I offer you my studies and all that I do.
Enlighten my mind and strengthen my will.
Help me to live in your presence.
– Amen

Holycross College Nagercoil