Holycross College Nagercoil

Principal's Message

Greetings to you from the Crossian family! Welcome to our website! With a fifty four year old tradition in unraveling new layers in the field of education, Holy Cross College (Autonomous) stands as a structure of grace, ensconced within a sprawling 20 acre grovy setting. It is just 20 Kms away from kanniyakumari (Cape Comorin) the historic tourist hot spot at the Southern most tip of India. It is a land known for its peace and elegance, sandy shores, sun rise and sun set, sacred footprints of Swami Vivekananda and the Virgin Goddess Bhagavathi, gourmet food, confluence of three seas, interesting adventures, shopping spree and leisure options. The very district of Kanniyakumari is supposed to be a land of mythical characters and the birth place of many artists, academicians, scientists, poets, creative writers, historians, sages, saints, alchemists and sahitya academy aficionados. It is also believed to be the birth-place of the famous tamil poet Thiruvalluvar and the ancient grammarian Tholkappiyar. Besides these attractions, what adds to its beauty are the meandering rivers, the lush green paddy fields, the pure mountain air, the ancient temples and churches, heritage sites, cascading waterfalls, traditional games, folk arts handicrafts, oral traditions, and the two famous churches built by St. Thomas and St. Francis Xavier.

In such a rich cultural, linguistic and multi dimensional ambience, Holy Cross College was established in the year 1965 by the Sisters of the Cross in response to the appeal made by His Excellency Rev. Agniswamy, the then Bishop of Kottar diocese. The vision and aspirations of an unlettered shepherdess from Chavanod, France (founder of the congregation) are still preserved as waves of consciousness in the campus. We continue to serve and educate the female population with passion, precision and compassion.

Our vision mission and location offer a plethora of possibilities to our students to access leading edge opportunities in the curricular, co- curricular and extra-curricular fields. Every student who enters the campus as a seeker is helped out to pursue her quest, cast off her moorings, shed her limited identity, move beyond boundaries, and make a bold plunge into the sea of truth. They are empowered with a cosmic identity, so that they seek the vastness of their own selves.

Our students explore uncharted realms, get involved in outreach programmes, pursue quality multi disciplinary and Inter disciplinary research, seek creative solutions to perennial questions, expand their multiple intelligences, seize opportunities, develop their soft skills, grow more enthusiastic and effervescent, become life sensitive and ultimately find their treasure in the threshold of their own minds. Through the many educational, environmental spiritual and technological initiatives, we stay true to our vision and impart a life time nourishment to our youth.

Beyond marks, employment possibilities and a successful career, there is something more that will make them globally competent and likeable and that is their success as human beings. In the words of Tagore: ‘Education in all its different forms and channels has its. Ultimate purpose in the evolving of a luminous sphere of human mind from the nebula that has been rushing round ages to find in itself an eternal centre of Unity’. True to his words all our academic and non academic pursuits are concentric with this eternal centre of unity.

Before I wrap up, I wish to register my gratitude to all the architects of yesteryears, the retired work force, staff, supportive staff, well wishers and philanthropists who have contributed a great deal to the growth of this institution. Also, I wish to place on record the relentless service rendered by souls who have left their mortal coils. Above all, I bow in reverence to the non-human world that has paid a heavy price in the course of our journey towards glory and victory.

With God wrapt in us like the Oak enswathed within the acorn, and like the hollow flute that surrenders itself to the will of the flautist we move in total trust and surrender. We’ve miles to go, before we could rest on our laurels!

Holycross College Nagercoil