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Research Policy

 Teaching and Learning as well as Research are the two eyes of any HEI. As research forms an integral part to promote knowledge and skill in the process of teaching and learning, college has taken keen interest to promote research in the various disciplines. The College has framed a research policy that encourages, promotes and protects research endeavours.

  • Expressions of the widest range of viewpoints are encouraged and every research will be undertaken with freedom of enquiry, thought, expression and publication.
  • Getting sanction from Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli to recognize Academic Departments with a minimum of 2 research guides into Research Centres.
  • Staff will be given academic freedom to pursue research leading to Ph.D. and faculty with Ph.D to apply for guideship as a part of academic endeavour.
  • Ensuring the practice of following the ethical and legal norms and principles in the conduct of research.
  • An approved research protocol for the use of human and animal subjects in research will be obtained and followed.
  • Research guides and scholars have free access to all research resources available in the campus.
  • No open or hidden cost is involved in research.
  • Sanctioning sabbatical leave to teacher researchers.
  • Encouraging the faculty to avail fellowship in and outside the country.
  • O.D is granted to present papers in seminars and conferences.
  • Benchmarking for presentation and publication of research articles by individual faculty.
  • For research scholars (both M.Phil. and Ph.D.), paper presentation and publications made mandatory.
  • Record and publish both empirically and theoretically focused research findings in ways that are open to scrutiny and debate.
  • Establish linkages and assign MoU with International and National academic and research organizations.
  • Fellowships, HRA and medical allowances (if any) to RA, JRF, research fellow, etc. are sanctioned as per the rules and regulations of the respective funding agencies.
  • Mercy Foundation for Research provides seed money to the faculty to pursue research.
  • Providing travel grant for the faculty serving as speakers/chair person etc. in national conference once in a year and international conference once in three years.
  • Incentives in terms of awards/prizes to faculty and research scholars for outstanding research contributions.
  • Endowment prize to honour research guides whose scholars are awarded with Ph.D
  • Research database of faculty and research scholars must be maintained in a durable and appropriately referenced form.
Holycross College Nagercoil