Holycross College Nagercoil

Reaearch Committee

Committee Members:

  1. Dr. M.Mary Freeda
  2. Dr. S.Regi
  3. Dr. V.M.Arul Flower Mary
  4. Dr. M.Mary Helen Stella
  5. Dr. A.Esther Leema Rose
  6. Dr. S.Mary Mettilda Bai
  7. Dr. S.Jeni Sanjana
  8. Dr. S.Sunitha
  9. Dr. S.Ajith Sinthuja
  10. Ms. D.Ignatia Shirlie
  11. Ms. J.Anto Hepzie Bai
  12. Dr. Sheeba Daniel


  • A bi-annual peer reviewed multi disciplinary journal “Crossian Resonance” with refereed articles
  • Research as campus culture
  • Spur the staff , research scholars, and P.G.Students of our institution to engage in research activities
  • Organise Seminars/Conferences/Workshops in the institution
  • Motivate staff and students to participate and present research findings in the Workshops/Seminars/ Conferences organised in the institution and other institutions
Insist on getting their research articles published in standard Journals with ISSN and books with ISBN

Holycross College Nagercoil