Holycross College Nagercoil

Tours and Picnics to Unwind

  • To take a break is to awaken to the beauty around us
  • Annual tours are organized to places of breathtaking beauty and historical significance
  • Our children explore the soul of the forest, the waves of the sea, the formidable mountains, enticing hills and valleys, the alluring knolls and gather the wisdom pouring from the great cosmic cup
  • Study tours make them industry ready. Also they go collecting herbs and endangered plants with both therapeutic value and culinary use
  • Such tours strengthen the bonding between individuals.

Industrial Visits

  • Students are taken on field trips to industries, press, radio stations, TV studios and film institutes
  • They get hands on training which in turn promotes their saleability in the job markets
  • Students are encouraged to shed light on dying performing arts and other arts through documentaries
  • They document their findings in projects, and have exhilarating camera moments which they register for future perusal. Their lens view of life is preserved in archives.
Holycross College Nagercoil