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Research Projects

Major Projects from DST

Name of the Staff



Link Number

Dr. A.Shyla Suganthi

Endocrinological approach to address optimized productivity of lobsters inhabiting coastal kanyakumari



Major Projects from UGC (2010-2014)

Name of the Staff Topic Amount (Rs.) Link No.
Dr. Elizabeth Lucy “Cross-cultural crisis of Indian migrants in the fiction of Amitav Ghosh and Salman Rushdie 3.52,000 491
Dr. Gerardin Jayam and Ms.V. Shally Synthesis, characterization and applications of metallic oxide nanoparticles 5,41,300 462
Dr. M.R. Basil Rose Isolation and purification of lectin, targeting tumour associated sialic acid from a slug 9,39,000 371

Minor Projects from UGC


Name of the staff Department Topic Amount (Rs.) Link No.
Dr. C. Nirmala Louis and Dr. Gerardin Jayam Physics Theoretical investigation of electronic band structure and superconductivity of absorbed titanium chains on (5,5) (8,8) , (10,10), (5,0) and (4,0) carbon nano tubes 1,31,600 2987
Dr. Gerardin Jayam and V. Shally Physics Synthesis and characterization of Sulphide nano particles 2,00,000 2988
Dr.G. Leema Rose Chemistry Quality enhancement of sodium chloride using artemia in saltern 1,49,000 2726
Dr. A. Stella Roselin

Botany A study on the endangered riverine and estuarine ecosystems of Kanyakumari District 11%,000  


Dr.C. Jespin Ida Botany Studies on the occurrence and distribution of coliform bacteria on the selected estuaries of south west coast of India 1,02,500 337%


Dr. Brisca Renuga and Dr. S. Mary Mettilda Bai Zoology Anti microbial activity of medicinal plant used by Kanikar community from Kanyakumari district 84,500

Dr. S.Jesi Isabella Commerce A study on linked credit and exploitation of fishermen in Kanyakumari District 98,415 2944



Name of the staff Department Topic Amount (Rs.) Link No.
Dr.M. Anitha Malbi Chemistry Synthesis and characterization of new polytherimides 60,000 3299
Dr. A. Stella Roselin

Botany A study on the endangered riverine and esturarine ecosystem of K.K. District 11%,000 3446
Dr. S. Stella Bai Commerce Empowerment of fisherwomen in the tsunami hit villages of Kanyakumari District. 11%,000 3328



Name of the staff Department Topic Amount (Rs.) Link No.
Ms.R. Gladis Latha Chemistry Analysis of gaseous, fluoride and heavy metal pollutants in selected areas of Kanayakumari District. 1,42,500 3573
Dr.Vinoliya Josephine Mary Zoology Ecological distribution, immuno-defensive role and medicinal value of centipede of Kanyakumari district 75,000



Name of the staff Department Topic Amount (Rs.) Link No.
Dr. C. Nirmala Louis Physics Electronic band structure – structural phase transition, metallization & superconducting properties of Group II – VI 11%,000 4057
Dr. Mary Delphine Physics Prepartion & Characterisation of sulphide core/shell nanostructures. 11%,000 3827
Dr.G. Leema Rose Chemistry Synthesis & Characterization of poly (amideimide) containing bulky pendant groups. 80,000 3897
Dr. S. Jayasuriya Zoology Identification and characterization of a natural agglutinin from the hepatopancreas of a sand crab Emerita emeritus 11%,000 3123
Dr. A. Shyla Suganthi Zoology Study on male accessory sexglands in brachyuran decapods’ 81,500 3929
Dr. Anne Perpet Sophy Economics An Economic study of paddy cultivation in Kanyakumari District 1,00,500 3103
Dr. S.Regi

History Historical study of the socio economic conditions of salt pan workers of Thoothukudy district 11%,000 4113



Name of Staff Department Title Amount (Rs.) Link No.
Dr. P. Mary Saroja Chemistry Natural Radio Activity, Annual ingestion dose and the nutritive evaluation of some edible seaweeds of Kanyakumari coast 4,28,000 5349
Dr. S.Sahaya selvi Commerce A study on health,hygiene and environment pollution of coastal villages in Kanyakumari district 2,50,000 5346
Dr. Fernando Loretta

Physics Growth and characterization of KDP, glycine/ thiourea based semiorganic nonlinear optical single crystals : Influence of dopants 1,45,000 5347
Dr. T. Josephine Rani Physics Investigation on growth and characterization of organic and inorganic impurity doped nonlinear optical crystal – Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate. 1,45,000 5348
Dr. A. Lesly Fathima Physics Enhanced Properties of metal oxide imposed epoxy polymer nanocomposites 1,45,000 5353
Ms. Virgin Nithya Veena English Postmodernist and metamodernist Polity in Aravind Adiga’s Fiction 3,00,000 5352



Name of Staff Department Title Amount (Rs.) Link No.
G. Pushpa Rani History The Implementation of the Panchaaytiraj System of Governance and the Empowerment of Women in Tamil Nadu 1,05,000 5989
Dr.C.Braba Economics A Study on impact of eco-tourism on indigenous people of Kanyakumari District 50,000 784
Dr. Alby Grace English Faith and Faction: A Socio-cultural Study in Rohinton Mistry’s Fiction 1,75,000 5764
S.Sujitha Mathematics The Upper Forcing Edge-to-vertex

Geodetic number of a graph

1,55,000 5659
M.K. Angel Jebitha Mathematics Domination Uniform Subdivision Number of Graphs 1,50,000 5662
D. Dooslin Mary Physics Growth an study of metal organic non linear optical single crystals of glycine sodium nitrate with alkali nitrate dopants 1,70,000 6278
Dr. M. Mary Freeda Physics Growth and Characterization of Glycine based Zinc Compound Nonlinear Optical single crystals Effect of dopants 175000  


Dr. Thana Lakshmi, K. Zoology Survey of agglutinins among the marine gastropods of Kanyakumari District 3,50,000

Dr. A. Shyla Suganthi  


Study on the accessory sex glands in Brachyuran Decapods. 81,500

Dr. S. Stella Bai Commerce Empowerment of women through micro finance- A case study in K. K. Dist 1,75,000


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