Holycross College Nagercoil

Social Work

“Established in 2007”


We focus on showing creative solutions to the problems prevailing in society and offer support, protection, security, reassurance and counseling professional expertise to vulnerable children, youth, adults, septuagenarians, broken families, victims of AIDS, the dying the destitute and the marginalized.

About the Course

Social work is an important discipline, which helps the intellectual development of the students. It helps the students for the total development of personality, the physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing. Social work offers life skills than any other subject. It provides an opportunity to study the human personality in relation to circumstances and fosters a sense of human responsibility. It trains the mind for scientific enquiry to the origin, course and nature of human activities. With the study of Social work one can have a better perspective of the world around him or her. The subjects in social work trains the students to think, analyze, plan, and act according to the social needs and can be committed to development of the citizens who are marginalized.


  • To inculcate quick thinking, per survive skills and non-judgemental commitment among students
  • To ensure their integrated growth through knowledge, skills and values
  • To impart knowledge, skills and values in Professional Social Work to those desirous of making a career in the field of Social work
  • To provide flexibility for the students to innovate and choose a course to suit individual needs and areas of interest
  • To facilitate students to study at a pace decided by them and develop an in depth knowledge in the chosen area of her study
  • To broaden their outlook through interdisciplinary approach and use the acquired knowledge meaningfully
  • To make sure the possibility to accumulate accelerated credits during the course period
  • To sensitize them to the social realities around them with the view to make them responsible citizens who can pick up challenges with courage and fortitude.
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