Holy Cross College Nagercoil

Sponsored Research

Parameter Sponsored Research Projects
2D.FPPP S.No. Financial Year Name of Faculty (Principal Investigator) Name of the Funding agency Title of the Project Sanctioned order no. Sanctioned date Amount Received(In Rupees) Amount received (in words)
1 2015-16 Dr.K.Thana Lakshmi UGC Survey of Agglutinins among the Marine Gastropods of kanyakumari district MRP-6290/15 Mar-15 3,50,000 Three lakhs fifty thousand only
Dr.D.Dooslin Mary UGC Growth and study of metal organic non linear optical single crystals of glycine sodium nitrate with alkali nitrate dopants MRP-6278/15 Jan-15 1,70,000 One lakh seventy thousand only
Dr.M.Mary Freeda UGC Growth and Characterization of Glycine based Zinc Compound Nonlinear Optical single crystals- Effect of dopants MRP-5763/15 Jan-15 1,75,000 One lakh seventy five thousand only
Dr.Alby Grace UGC Faith and Faction: A Socio-Cultural study in Rohinton Mistry’s Fiction MRP-5764/15 Jan-15 1,75,000 One lakh seventy five thousand only
Dr.M.K. Angel Jebitha UGC The Domination Uniform Subdivision Number of Graphs MRP-5662/15 Jan-15 1,50,000 One lakh fifty thousand only
Dr.S.Sujitha UGC The Forcing edge-to-vertex geodetic number of a graph MRP-5659/15 Jan-15 1,55,000 One lakh fifty five thousand only
G.Pushpa Rani UGC The implementation of the Panchayatiraj system of Governance and the Empowerment of women in Tamil Nadu. MRP-5989/15 Jan-15 1,05,000 One lakh five thousand only
Dr.C.Braba UGC A study on impact of eco-tourism on indigneous people of kanyakumari district MRP-5788/15 Jan-15 50,000 Eighty Thousand only
2 2014-15 Dr.P.Mary Saroja UGC Natural radioactivity annual ingestion dose and the nutritive evaluation of some edible seaweeds of coastal kanyakumari district MRP-5349/14 Jan-14 3,44,000 Three lakhs forty four thousand only
Dr.S.Stella Bai UGC A study on health hygiene and environmental pollution of coastal villages in kanyakumari district MRP-5346/14 Mar-14 2,36,000 Two lakhs thirty six thousand only
Dr.Sr.S.Sahayaselvi UGC Empowerment of rural women through micro finance- A case study on kanyakumari district MRP-5351/14 Mar-14 2,43,000 Two lakhs forty three thousand only
V.Virgin Nithya Veena UGC Postmodernist and Metamodernist Polity in Aravind Adigals Fiction MRP-5352/14 Aug-14 2,98,000 Two lakhs ninety eight thousand only
Dr.T.Josephine rani UGC Investigation on growth and characterization of organic and inorganic impurity doped nonlinear optical crystal Ammonium dihydragen phosphate MRP-5348/14 Mar-14 1,41,000 One lakh forty one thousand only
Dr.Fernando Loretta UGC Growth and characterization of KDP, glycine/thiourea based semiorganic nonlinear optical single crystals:Influence of dopants MRP-5347/14 Mar-14 1,41,000 One lakh forty one thousand only
Dr.A.Lesly Fathima UGC Enhanced properties of Metal Oxide imposed Epoxy Polymer nanocomposites MRP-5353/14 Mar-14 1,41,000 One lakh forty one thousand only
3 2013-14 Dr.S.Regi UGC A historical study of the Socio-Economic Condition of the Salt Pan Workers of Thoothukudi District, 1947-2007 MRP-4113/12 Dec-12 90,000 Ninety thousand only