Holy Cross College Nagercoil

Vision & Mission

The main thrust of the college is “Empowerment of Women”

Our College Crest

The Radiant Cross symbolises Charity and Devotedness and recalls to us very vividly, the Love of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Cross is a perpetual reminder of Calvary. It is endowed with rays to signify our continued participation in the death and resurrection of Christ in the events of our everyday life. The Cross planted on a mountain invites us to ascend the ladder towards higher consciousness. The letter M has to be understood as the initial for the name of Mary, Mother of God, Our Blessed Mother and our Protectress. To signify more forcefully the Blessed Virgin, the letter M is topped with a star, which reminds us of the guidance, Our Lady gives in our lives. The Anchor symbolises our hope in the Radiant Cross and in the Virgin Mary. Our College Motto is “In the Cross and Mary is our hope”. This Crest is not only a souvenir of the past but a real and most significant programme of life, an ideal to realise.


Empowered by the self emptying love of God and inspired by our Mother Foundress Claudine Echernier, the Crossian family envisions a just and harmonious society where all people live life in its fullness.


Holy Cross College aims at forming well integrated persons, who will strive to transform the society, by meeting the challenges of life and taking a stand in the struggles of the poor and the marginalised.


The college stands for total liberation and development of the whole person of the student in order to prepare them to take their rightful place and responsibility in society.


  1. To give all round formation to the students in the light of all embracing Catholic principles
  2. Christian formation of Catholic students.
  3. To facilitate the students to acquire skills needed to excel in academic, co-curricular and extracurricular activities
  4. To develop social awareness and commitment among the staff and the students for the benefit of the society.
  5. To instill in the students, appreciation and respect for mother earth and motherland.