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The Crossian Model

The Crossian Model


The Crossian Model serves the purpose of conglomerating the essentials of human excellence. At the crux of the Model is the concept of Commitment with Compassion – a powerful harnessing of creative essentials. The below mentioned points delineate what is aspired for by all the stakeholders and are to be achieved to a great extent by everyone in order to make a significant impact within the campus and outside.  




In keeping with its legacy, the institution zeroes in on equal opportunity, rooting out all causes of marginalization based on caste, creed, gender, ethnicity and disability.  This fundamental human right is the foundation on which all human endeavours can be built Holy Cross College mandates no discrimination and takes earnest efforts to provide equal opportunity to all its stakeholders.  


As a Higher Education Institution, the college drives professionalism as one of its priorities.  Beginning with dress code to extension activities we pride in modesty, sustainability and social responsibility.  Setting the note, the community is keen in upskilling and excellence by way of keeping with the technological and research trajectories of the international scenario.


Education is the means to the thriving of every individual.  In this respect, the focus is on Industry preparedness, employability, and being entrepreneurially trained. The teaching faculty and researchers publish at least one quality publication per year contributing to cutting edge and socially relevant research. Teaching learning process is imbued with a sense of humour 

Time Management

Detailed plans for annual, semester and monthly performance are encouraged to ensure optimal time management which the campus prides in.   Being on time for any event is absolutely essential.  Class timings are to be honoured and so also the completion of the prescribed syllabus and other teaching duties.  


Mere knowledge acquisition is insufficient and it is absolutely essential to help every individual to be creators and contributors of new knowledge. Towards such a purpose, a climate of innovation is promoted.  Increased entrepreneurial activity, start ups, patents registration, building of proto types, etc.  are carried out by both faculty and students.  This greatly enhances contribution towards nation building.

Capacity Building

Various programs like RUN, Mentoring of students, Bible teaching for the Catholic students, Moral Science for non-Catholic students and Value Education further shapes and chisels the individual.  

Accountability and Transparency

Respect for everyone includes Accountability and Transparency at all levels.   Towards this effort, the Departments have monthly meetings involving the students as well.  The Management and Staff do a thorough documentation which serves as a base for review of the previous month and also to plan for the next month.  The management is also transparent in connection with finance and planning.  

Relationship Management

To promote the individual’s emotional wellbeing, retreats are conducted every year for the Staff and students separately.  Outgoing students are also given special programs to equip them for transition.  Cordial relationship amidst all stakeholders is sort after and all difficulties are addressed proactively.  The Student Forum per semester, and the Staff Forum twice a semester is meant to ensure opportunity for everyone to voice out suggestions. 

Eco Centric Endeavours

Car-pooling and saying ‘No’ to any form of plastic (including banners, plastic water bottles, artificial flowers, etc.) are efforts towards minimizing pollutants. ‘No landfill’ policy of the college canteen, proper treatment and recycling of greywater from the hostel are also in keeping with this.  Planting of more trees, solar panels, rainwater harvesting, use of bicycles, electric bikes and use of stainless-steel plates and cups for common events are some of the steps carried out to use alternate ways of living which are eco friendly.  Every second Wednesday, one hour power shut down is practised as a means to conserve energy. Staff picnic and Student Tour also greatly enhances interpersonal relationships.

Campus Culture

Salient features of the campus culture include reverberating of the campus through friendly greetings to one another, English as the Campus culture, Myriad expressions of creativity, Freedom to do something trending with prior discussion with the Management. To ensure excellence Innovative ideas are to initiated and executed collaboratively.