UG Programme

In keeping with the spirit of CBCS based on the norms of UGC, the curriculum has been restructured once in three years  for all UG programmes since the college was conferred with the autonomous status in 2007-’08. These courses aim to provide a paradigm shift in the National Education Policy seeking to bridge an increasing gap between an undergraduate degree and employability.

Highlights of the innovative features common to all UG students introduced in the Restructuring and Revamping of the Curriculum from 2017-’18 are given below:

Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (i) Environmental Studies and (ii) English Communication are introduced during the I year.

To develop the Entrepreneurial skills , the certificate courses offered under Holy Cross Academy are made mandatory for all I UG students that will earn them 1 credit.

To develop social awareness and commitment among the students, Student Training Programmes such as YRC, NSS, RRC, AICUF, Eco club, Women cell, Legal Literacy, Rotaract and Consumer club are offered to I and II UG students that will earn them 1 credit.

To instill social consciousness and compassion for the humanity among the UG students, the extension activity Reaching the Unreached Neighbourhood (RUN) has been made compulsory for all II UG students.

PG Programme

A PG student may take up an Internship/Summer training Programme relevant to her subject in any of the reputed institutions for a month. The students are also given opportunity by the respective departments to undergo training programmes for 10-15 days to develop their knowledge and skills for their future career. This programme is included within the curriculum with one credit under curriculum restructuring from 2011-’12.

In order to inculcate the psycho-social skills to face life’s challenges with courage and confidence and to grow in the art of interpersonal relationships and self awareness, two courses are offered to all PG students on “Life Skills”, one for each year with one credit from 2017-’18.

In addition, each student can earn additional credits through the value added courses, Self learning courses and Sports/ Games Representation at the District level, University level, State level and International level.

Pre-doctoral Programme

The curriculum of M.Phil. scholars have been redesigned in 2017-18 having four theory papers during the first semester and project and dissertation in the second semester. A Course on  Professional skills for Teaching - Learning has been designed to exploit various Teaching - Learning Skills to be imbibed / cultivated to make the research scholars to be fit for the profession they are likely to acquire in the Education Industry.