Tamil SF - Tamilum Vaalviyalum - 22-07-2024    Seminar on Electro Commerce Management – Department of Commerce S.F. II    Bridge course in Tamil    NSS Orientation Programme for I year Volunteers    Bridge course in French    Business Meeting of Ramanujan Mathematics Club    Inauguration of Physics Club    Orientation to NSS Volunteers & Experience sharing by senior NSS volunteers    Mathematics Mixer organised by Mathematics Club    Orientation Programme for I year Rotaract Club Members    Commemoration of World Zoonoses Day    Orientation for 1st years on Entrepreneurship and Classification by Deanery of Entrepreneurship    Programme on - Global Career Exploration : Success Strategies    Orientation on ICT for students of French    Session on : Enhancing Mental Clarity and Wellbeing - organised by the Department of Commerce (Aided)    Population Day-Competitions (Debate, Skit& Mime) organised by the Department of Economics    Commemoration of Bastille Day by the Department of French    Celebration of Millet Day by the Department of Mathematics (S.F.)    Elocution Competition in Commemoration of the Birth Anniversary of Karmaveerar Kamaraj by the Department of Tamil (S.F.)    Inauguration of the Computer Science Club    Commemoration of Malala Day by the Department of Zoology    Investiture Ceremony of Student Council 2024-2025    Inauguration of Media Studies Club    Inauguration of Coffee House Association Club (S.F.)    Commemorating Youth Skill Day: Orientation to become a Content Writer organised by the Department of English S.F.    Investiture Ceremony    Lecture Series on National Fashion Day organised by the Department of Costume Design and Fashion    Human Chain and Oath Taking Ceremony on Plastic free day - NSS    Inauguration of Intelligence Nexus Hub- AI Club    Orientation Program by Placement and Career Guidance Cell    Van Mahotsav - Tree Plantation by NSS – S.F.    Orientation Programme for YRC volunteers    A session on Research Methodology and Collaborative Research skills    Inauguration of the English Club and the Readers Circle    Strategies to Grow into a Prosperous Tycoon by Department of English with Media Communication    Diplomacies to Become a Prosperous Mogul organised by the Department of English SF    Python for Beginners – A Skill Initiative    Training for Competitive Examination conducted by the Department of Chemistry    Lecture series: Talk 8 by Mathematics Research Centre    Session on “Code of Conduct” by the Department of Economics

Holy Cross Innovation & Incubation Center(HCIIC)

List of Incubatees

Sl.No Name of the Start-up Founder Co-founder Date of Opening Logo
1 CROSSCOM Dr. (Sr) Sahayaselvi Mr. S. John Cleetus 2021-07-15 Card image cap
2 HJ Unpinned Penning Publication House M. Maria Helen Janoba A. Jarith 2021-09-28 Card image cap
3 Candere Collections Y. Christabel Shaji S. Ajith Sinthuja 2021-11-18 Card image cap
4 Body Scripts Zumba fitness for women S. Ajith Sinthuja Y. Christabel Shaji 2021-03-31 Card image cap
5 Aha Oho Traditional Sweets & Confectionery M. Abi Joshna M. Renald 2021-05-17 Card image cap
6 Chirps Vermi-Centre A. Punitha S. Mary Mettilda Bai, S. Prakash Shoba 2021-09-08 Card image cap
7 TECHPOINT Akkanisha A, Dharshini V T 2021-09-08 Card image cap
8 Aaro Yoga Centre Sr. Shanthi Mrs. Josephine Panimaya Rushya 2021-03-25 Card image cap
9 R – Shell Mr. Christ Jose A 2021-09-18 Card image cap
10 Allure Henna A. Afeesha M.R.Fathima Roshni, A.Abinasha Barveen 2022-03-14 Card image cap
11 Triangle Beauty Care and make over B.Meronisha B.Rinosha, Safrina Banu 2022-03-22 Card image cap
12 Eden Gifts and Handicrafts Giftlin Sneha R.Mabel Akila 2020-12-01 Card image cap
13 Mushroom Dr. Sr. Leema Rose Dr. Anami Augustus Arul 2022-03-28 Card image cap
14 Chem Clean Rufina Jovith Joy. J Jesu Ruba. M 2022-08-22 Card image cap
15 Grasha Cakes Gracy Klymancia. S Fathima Shafa. S 2022-08-22 Card image cap
16 Blossom Nursery Misha. A Jenifer. S 2022-10-01 Card image cap
17 Green Crafters Sagaya Jenifer. P Sahaya Jobi. J 2022-10-01 Card image cap
18 Bizzy Bee Jenisha. A Shobana. P 2022-10-01 Card image cap
19 Eco Sparkles (Jewellery Making & Training Centre) Lavina Peter Maria Aysha Fowzan M.H 2022-10-01 Card image cap
20 Eco Banners (Eco Friendly Banner Making) Sauntharya. T Saranya. A 2022-10-01 Card image cap


Sl.No Name Department Company Name Mobile Number Mentor
1 Ms. V. Susan Tharasa MATHEMATICS Math Mastery 8300602588 Dr. K. Jeya Daisy
2 Ms. H. Geolin MATHEMATICS Heavenly Bites 7708928002 Dr. K. Jeya Daisy
3 Ms. A. Sri Harisha MATHEMATICS Sri Aari works 9787899985 Dr. M.K. Angel Jebitha
4 Ms. Hazeena Beevi MATHEMATICS AL. QALAM Institution 9080939344 Dr. J.C. Mahizha
5 Ms. J. Jeen Akshaya MATHEMATICS Unique Sketch Arts 7010961095 Dr. V. Sujin Flower
6 Ms. I. Jenisha Kamalesh MATHEMATICS Moon Bakes. In 8015561627 Dr. A. Anat Jaslin Jini
7 Ms. C. Anne Vijiliya MATHEMATICS Annie Ari World 8438925008 Ms. Shiny (Off)
8 Ms.R. Jose Rency MATHEMATICS SF R.K. Cakes 8072129800 Dr. P.C. Priyanka Nair
9 Ms. R. S. Snekha MATHEMATICS SF G.S. Resin Art 9360473043 Dr. S. Kavitha
10 Ms. K. Faheemah MATHEMATICS SF Alif Henna Arts 9943743329 Dr. Y.A. Shiny
11 Ms. A. Joe Nituna PHYSICS Niladream Creations 6385650340 Dr. P. Aji Udahaya
12 Ms. R.K. Renukha PHYSICS R.K. Creative Gifts & 9940771976 Dr. P. Aji Udahaya
13 Ms. V. Abisha Rani PHYSICS Abi Arts Chitiram 8122319325 Dr.R. Krishna Priya
14 Ms. J. Mary Asha PHYSICS Wide Cove 8220721949 Dr.R. Krishna Priya
15 Ms. A.P. Vidhya PHYSICS Aries Vogue 7418754647 Dr.R. Krishna Priya
16 Ms. Haritha. K PHYSICS Haya Bunks Home 9363685023 Dr.R. Krishna Priya
17 Ms. M. Silvia Salate PHYSICS Artful Strokez 9166027741 Dr.R. Krishna Priya
18 Ms. Dariya. J.P PHYSICS Let's moled it Resin 8754043515 Dr.R. Krishna Priya
19 Ms. Rufina Jovith Joy CHEMISTRY Chem Clean 6380613798 Dr. Deva Vijila
20 Ms. N. Abi Nisha CHEMISTRY ARC Craft 8903214398 Dr. Christabal Shaji
21 Ms. M. Rajika CHEMISTRY RIYA'S Collections 7339325939 Dr. Christabal Shaji
22 Dr. S. Ajith Sinduja CHEMISTRY Body ScriptS 9943128208 Nil
23 Dr. Christabal Shaji CHEMISTRY Candeire Collection 9080024245 Nil
24 Ms. A. Misha BOTANY Blossom Nursery 8925361977 Dr. S. Kala Vedhakurmari
25 Ms. S. Asma Nasreen BOTANY Asma Crafts 8903172118 Dr. Bojaxa
26 Ms. J. Beni John BOTANY Blossom Bonsai Traning 9787497692 Dr. Anami
27 Ms. M. Rashma BOTANY Blossom Essential Oil 9943594474 Dr. Bojaxa
28 Ms. D. Jemina Eliz BOTANY Blossom Phytomedia 8220119784 Dr. Florence
29 Ms. D. Jemina Eliz BOTANY Dino Park 8220119784 Dr. Florence
30 Ms. Renitha BOTANY Lets make your Jewel 9789546687 Dr. Florence
31 Ms. Sanya Mersha BOTANY Mersha Pickle 8807337012 Dr. Florence
32 Ms. S. Antonita Mary Shaniya ZOOLOGY Sani Snacks 9345392295 Dr. Jeni Chandar Padua
33 Ms. C. Jesika ZOOLOGY Jesi Pickles 9791371167 Dr. Anitha. C
34 Ms. Aneesha Barwin ZOOLOGY Tussie Mussie 948769437 Dr. Jeni Chandar Padua
35 Ms. Ansa Mary ZOOLOGY Ansa's Fresco 7200894770 Dr. Jeni Chandar Padua
36 Ms. Agnel ZOOLOGY Mermaid Store 9442083701 Dr.Renuga
37 Ms. Ajola ZOOLOGY Rishi Bottle Art 8754950718 Dr. Brisca Renuga
38 Ms. Sushma ZOOLOGY Sush Bakes 8300031601 Dr. Brisca Renuga
39 Ms. Regis Freeda ZOOLOGY Vasu Masala 9047779212 Dr. Jeni Chandar Padua
40 Ms. Rashmi V S ZOOLOGY Art in Us 6374120853 Dr. Jeni Chandar Padua
41 Ms. J. Jesveronika COMPUTER SCIENCE Secrets of Yarn 9342596659 Ms. C Sherisha
42 Ms. A. Jessica COMPUTER SCIENCE Jude 9043441331 Dr. Reena Rose
43 Ms. V.S. Agnes Bibiyana COMPUTER SCIENCE Canva Designs 9042534533 Dr. Reena Rose
44 Ms. V. Venisha COMPUTER SCIENCE Vetoo hands 9360277478 Ms. M. Monisha
45 Ms. M. Rubha COMPUTER SCIENCE Artz - World 7358931096 Ms. C Sherisha
46 Ms. B. Ancy Mol COMPUTER SCIENCE Rojaro Sheji Corner 8903111319 Dr. Reena Rose
47 Ms. S. Ditty Mol COMPUTER SCIENCE JD meny posters 6384858023 Dr. Reena Rose
48 Ms. A. Arfana Fathima COMMERCE SF 1 Avaan Cakes 9655769490 Dr. Jameela
49 Ms. S. Fatima Shafa.S COMMERCE SF 1 Shaf’s Cakes 6385807326 Dr. Jameela
50 Ms. A. Antony Leethika Elizabeth COMMERCE SF 1 Jasleethi Art and Craft 9597024140 Dr. Jameela
51 Ms. S. Sahaya Halista COMMERCE SF 1 Hali Baratham class 7904624317 Dr. Jameela
52 Ms. K. Sahaya Lisi COMMERCE SF 1 Limozz Dance class 9629425858 Dr. Jameela
53 Ms. E. Nithya Shree COMMERCE SF 1 Zaya Silambam 6381885898 Dr. Jameela
54 Ms. E. Nithya Shree, A. Harini COMMERCE SF 1 Niha Nalangu Powder 8807285424 Dr. Jameela
55 Ms. R. Renisha COMMERCE SF 1 VD Youtubes 6374952807 Dr. Jameela
56 Ms. J. Mistika Smoni COMMERCE SF 1 Misti Boutique 6382978861/ 9790539557 Dr. Jameela
57 Ms. S B Sree Lakshmi COMMERCE SF 1 Craft Click 8072874664 Dr. Jameela
58 Ms. Nanthini COMMERCE SF 2 Luna 8870847332 Dr. Jani Mercy
59 Ms. K. Sahaya Cincy COMMERCE SF 2 Sweet Hevean 9385569331 Dr. Jani Mercy
60 Ms. A. Jenisha COMMERCE SF 2 Bizzy Bee 8940907009 Dr. Jani Mercy
61 Ms. A. Jenisha COMMERCE SF 2 Color ful Petals 8940907009 Dr. Jani Mercy
62 Ms. A. Jenisha COMMERCE SF 2 Neythal Kudil 8940907009 Dr. Jani Mercy
63 Ms. A. Jenisha COMMERCE SF 2 Snack Bar 8940907009 Dr. Jani Mercy
64 Ms. P. Sagaya Jenifer COMMERCE SF 2 Green Crafters 7200979738 Dr. Jani Mercy
65 Ms. J. Pavithra ENGLISH Sudha Kutty Aari Work 9791588495 Ms.Nesavathy
66 Ms. J. Pavithra ENGLISH Sudha kutty Silk thread Bangles 9791588496 Ms.Nesavathy
67 Ms. T. Fathima Munovara ENGLISH Farzana Designs (Craft Creators) 9597754401 Ms.Nesavathy
68 Ms. H. Ansala ENGLISH Ethereal 8903803963 Ms.Nesavathy
69 Ms. R.C. Kiruthitha ENGLISH Miss Esthete 8610079779 Ms.Nesavathy
70 Ms. M. Rifaya Beham ENGLISH Rifa’s Organic Henna cones 8610590922 Ms.Nesavathy
71 Ms. N. Jothi Nirmala ENGLISH DIY Bangles 9600691756 Ms.Nesavathy
72 Ms. D.V. Ovia ENGLISH Ovia Mural Arts 9345795177 Ms.Nesavathy
73 Ms. J. Sushma ENGLISH Namma Oor cake 9442083476 Ms.Nesavathy
74 Ms. K.M. Sheril ENGLISH K.M.S. Aari works 7598141637 Ms. Nesavathy
75 Ms. J. Athira ENGLISH Athira chess club 8825971355 Ms. Nesavathy
76 Ms. Ridhi F. Dayal ENGLISH Relax Tea 8220950997 Ms.Nesavathy
77 Ms. D. P. Shivani ENGLISH SF Starts with Us 8778327477 Dr. Jeba Malar
78 A. Vibitha ENGLISH SF Aro fashion & embroidery 9443449500 Ms. Alisha Josephine
79 M. Pearlin Princy ENGLISH SF Pearl Scrunchies 6382436079 Ms.Maria Prabina Sackaria
80 S.U. Berlin Geona.S.U ENGLISH SF Resin Arts 9486540189 Ms. Athersheya
81 J. Thomas Mary Carlin ENGLISH SF The Studio 9342039864 Dr. Tessy A. Joseph
82 J. Sahaya Suriya.J ENGLISH SF Thread tales with Kavitha 6379686876 Ms. Shiny (Off)
83 J. Preshiba ENGLISH SF Harmony Hive 8438376876 Maria helen Janoba
84 Maria Helen Janoba ENGLISH SF HJ Unpinned Publications 7598263845 NIL
85 S.K. Abisha ECONOMICS SK Bangles 9677938687 Ms. Josephine Shiny
86 B.S. Aarthi ECONOMICS Abi Aari Embroidery 9626806625 Ms. Josephine Shiny
87 A. Saranya ECONOMICS MK Arts 9629547753 Ms. Josephine Shiny
88 J. Sahaya Abitha ECONOMICS Abijohn Cakes 7418904696 Ms. Josephine Shiny
89 N. Vijaya Lakshmi ECONOMICS NS Beads 6380861821 Ms. Josephine Shiny
90 M.S. Bershia HISTORY Artura create 9789142654 Dr. V. Pradeepa
91 N. Gomathy HISTORY Tenci Martial Arts 8015528891 Dr. V. Pradeepa
92 M. Vinisha HISTORY Pranisha Handmade Aari work 8754917154 Dr. K. Baby
93 Dr. K.S. Soumya & Dr.I.Jalaja Kumari HISTORY Young writer’s forum 9965255724 Dr. K. Baby
94 Dr. S. Mary Judit HISTORY Star Products 9894362237 Dr. K. Baby
95 P. Mary Bramisha COSTUME DESIGN AND FASHION Ethereal Embroidery 8925175466 Ms. R. Jugal Iswarya
96 Madona Nishani COSTUME DESIGN AND FASHION Tempting Baking and Food 7708713575 Ms. R. Jugal Iswarya
97 Ms. Selva Mary Prabha George COSTUME DESIGN AND FASHION Speak and Shine -Hindi 9159564733 NIL
98 Ms. Selva Mary Prabha George COSTUME DESIGN AND FASHION Teresa’s Creation 9159564733 NIL
99 Mr. Christ Jose COSTUME DESIGN AND FASHION R-Shell 9443698181 NIL
100 Dr. S. Sahaya Selvi COMMERCE Cross Com Tailoring Unit - NIL


S.No Name & Year of Study Department Company Name Nature of Entrepreneurship Mobile Number Logo
1 Rinisha Fathima Batch :B.Sc 2010-2013 Mathem atics Aided https://www.youtube. com/@rinishaskitche n1275 Youtuber 9962207767 Card image cap
2 Subha Batch :B.Sc 2010-2013 Mathem atics Aided https://www.youtube. com/@mathbestie Youtuber 9789108163 Card image cap
3 D. Babisha B.Sc-2015- 2018 Batch M.Sc - 2018-2020 Batch Mathem atics SF Couple Youtuber https://youtube.com/ @ShijuBabi?si=jAN6 oo5OD-So-xGF Couple Youtubers 9087563675 Card image cap
4 Jilsha. J Batch: 2019 - 2022 Mathem atics SF 9/121A, Kariyan konam, Mukkadal(via), Boothapandi(P.O) Pin 629852 Dance Training Centre & Tuition Centre Phone : 9345283940 Card image cap
5 A. Mary Vimala Batch: MSc 2017- 2019 Mathem atics S.F Yummy Cakery, 154 A2,Rajakamangalam Road, Nagercoil 4 Pin 629004 Baking unit 8300070994 Card image cap
6 M. Debu Ashmi Batch : B.Sc 2020- 2023 Mathem atics S.F Natural Soaps and Herbal Skin Care Products B-12/10, Pilavakkal vilai, Ettamadai, Azhagiapandiapura m post, Kanyakumari Pin629851 Soaps and skin care product manufacturing 9025582877 Card image cap
7 S.J. Sujani Batch: B.Sc 2015-2018 Physics Sujani Suresh Makeup artistry, Ayyapankavu, Kochi. Make up salon 9095940284 Card image cap
8 R. Sahaya Anusha Batch: B.Sc 2004 to 2007 Physics Angel Boutique,Opp SBI Bank, Manavalakurichi Boutique 9043365582 Card image cap
9 S. Pakya Lakshmi Batch: 2012-2015 Chemistr y Sarakkondrai Jute Products, Poomalai Vaniga Valagam,Vadasery, Nagercoil Jute Products sales and training centre 6369131009 Card image cap
10 Dr. S. Jane Subha Batch: 1991-1994 Botany Director, PestÖTouch, Bangalore, Karnataka Pest Management and fumigation centre 94498 32773 Card image cap
11 Ms. S. Nisha Batch: 2015-2018 Botany Sheeba Boutique Vazhuthalampallam and Kudappanakkunnu, Thiruvananthapuram Boutique 94882 43486 Card image cap
12 Sooryadharshini. J Batch: 2019-2022 Zoology New Pickles H. No:6/26/1 Anbiyam:22 Simon Colony Kodimunai post (629251) Fish Pickles & Veg Pickles 96292 46085 Card image cap
13 S Jaini Priya Batch 2008 - 2011 English (Aided) Jane`s Fashion Villa & Foot Wear, Kottar, Nagercoil, Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu. Dress and Foot wear centre 6382880146 Card image cap
14 J. Abitha Valentina Batch: 2010 -2013 English (Aided) V Bridal Studio 13/165. College Road, Vadakkankulam, Tirunelveli District- Make Up Artist & Nail Technician 8525988385 Card image cap
15 T. Abisha Batch: 2018-2021 English (Aided) Black_Moon_Coutur e Anthoniyar Vattam, Thiruvithancode (p.o) Boutique for Customised Dresses and Aari work 7540091826 Card image cap
16 Jacquilin Vimaley .J Batch: 2021-2023 English SF JV Arts_Crafts 131, Pallavilai, Peruvilai Post, Nagercoil 629003 Arts and Crafts Sales and Training Centre 9976459790 Card image cap
17 Fiona Resalaiyan Batch: 2021-2023 English SF Fionas_decor_street 9/26, kavu Vilai puthen veedu,Thirparappu. Decorative Art and Craft 7811913546 Card image cap
18 A.Vidhya Batch: 2021-2023 English SF Ria Arts Mela chemparuthivilai, Vavarai, Kanyakumari Dt., Tamil Nadu. Arts and Crafts Centre 8754246433 Card image cap
19 Melania Roshni Batch: 2014-2017 English SF Ensalaeta Couture 1A mault ammal st Wcc road Nagercoil -629001 Dress materials and fashion wear showroom 7092344841 Card image cap
20 S.V. Steffie Andreya Batch: 2018-2021 English SF Steffiezz_artvista 97E/4/1,Sastha Nagar, Vattavilai,NAGERC OIL, TAMIL NADU 629002,India Arts, Paintings – Sales and Training 94875 52237 Card image cap
21 Fathima Munovara Batch: 2019-2021 Research Scholar Departm ent of English Ms.T Fathima Munovara,2/56, Dharga Road, North Soorankudy & P.O,Kanyakumari Dist- 629501 Arts and Crafts designer and Trainer 95977 54401 Card image cap
22 T. Vinit Batch: 2001-2004 Dept: B.A.Economi cs J. V. Beauty parlour, Punnai Nagar, Nagercoil, Kanyakumari Dt., Tamil nadu Beauty Salon 9344023750 Card image cap
23 Antoinette Jeromaine Morris Batch : 1996 - 1999 Economi cs VJ Enterprises -Wholesale distributor for Amul Dairy Products Amul Products & Fortune Products Wholesale Distributor 7598441155 Card image cap
24 Sangeetha Batch : 2020-2022. History (MA) Jesona –YouTube link https://youtu.be/XqZv Sksysg4?si=xYh9LE _zx-i1PLLC Youtuber 7010005024 Card image cap
25 Nisha Batch: 2004 -2007 History Ironika - Beauty Care,Mylady, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu Beauty Salon 9445661246 Card image cap
26 M.Abi Joshna Batch: 2019-2022 Commer ce (Aided) AHA OHO Traditional Foods, 36/ 2, Therku Ratha Veethi, Panagudi- 627 109 Traditional Food products 8870857748 &7598680434 Card image cap
27 B. Meronisha Batch: M. Com 2020-2022 Com merce SF-1 Triangle Beauty care and Makeover, 29/L, 10A, Nayakkar Street, Beauty Parlour 9487508060 Card image cap
28 Fathima Roshni Batch: B. Com 2020-2023 Com merce SF-1 ALLURE HENNA 64 F/1, 2nd Street, Rahmath Garden,Keela Sarakkalvilai, Kottar, Nagercoil. Henna centre 9500469739 Card image cap
29 Ms. Nanthini.C Batch: B. Com 2020-2023 Com merce SF- II Luna Handmades, Maharajapuram, Theroor, Kanniyakumari Hand-made products 8870847332 Card image cap
30 Ms. K. Sahaya Cincy Batch: B. Com 2020-2023 Com merce SF- II Sweet Heaven, Thirumoolar nagar Azhagappapuram Agasteeswaram Sweets, Confectioneries and Cakes 9385569331 Card image cap
31 Ms. L. Arockia Lily Anusha Batch : 2023-2024 Sam Bakers 71 HD 4A1, Friends Compound, Rajan Street, Park Road, Ramanputhur, Nagercoil-2 Tea cakes, Cream cakes, Plum cakes, Wine, Cookies Card image cap
32 Ms. S. Rathi Prema GraceBatch : 2023-2024 Elvin Bakers 19/17 Keelakaattu vilai, Manikatti Pottal Post, Nagercoil Cream cakes Birthday cakes Squashes Card image cap