Retreat and Orientation on "Eudaemonic Educators" (17/06/2024 & 18/06/2024)    Orientation on Code of Conduct organised by the Department of English (SF) (25/06/2024)    Mentoring Session on Internship Opportunities for Student Entrepreneurs (25/06/2024)    Session on Business Model Canvas by IIC (25/06/2024)    A Rally to Commemorate International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking conducted by NSS (26/06/2024)    Demonstration of IR Spectrophotometer by the Department of Chemistry (26/06/2024)    Bridge Course in Botany (26/06/2024)    Student Induction Programme for Freshers (26/06/2024 - 28/06/2024)    Inauguration of The English Coffee House (27/06/2024)    Interdepartmental Written Quiz & Formation of Quiz Club (27/06/2024)    Association Meeting – The Next Step – Career Guidance (27/06/2024)    Work-Life Balance - An Orientation for the Nonteaching Staff (17/06/2024 & 18/06/2024)    Bridge Course in Computer Science (27/06/2024)    Bridge course in CDF (27/06/2024)    Session on "Intellectual Property Rights: Fundamental and Importance" by IPR Cell of IIC (27/06/2024)    Commemorating “World Diabetes Day” – Department of Zoology (27/06/2024)    Hands-on Training – “Soap Making” offered by the Department of Chemistry (27/06/2024)    Distributing Saplings- Green Initiative by the Department of History (27/06/2024)    Motivational Talk on” Job Opportunities in Economics” (28/06/2024)    Orientation on "Opportunities available for Commerce Students" (28/06/2024)    Orientation Program for TNPSC and Group Exams (28/06/2024)    Orientation - Code of Conduct and Anti-ragging by CAT (28/06/2024)    Classes begin for the new Academic Year 2024-2025 - II & III UG and II PG (19/06/2024)    Orientation on Code of Conduct and Academic Calendar by the Department of Botany (28/06/2024)    Talk on "Optimism and its Benefits" organised by the Department of Commerce (21/06/2024)    Yoga Mahostav 2024 - Yoga for Women Empowerment (21/06/2024)    Panel Discussion with Innovation and Startup Ecosystem Enablers (21/06/2024)    Lecture Series- Taxonomy and Adaptation of Grasses by the Department of Botany (21/06/2024)    Celebrating National Readers' Day by The Readers Circle (23/06/2024)    “Unlocking Your Potential: Understanding and Improving Your Talents” - Placement and Career Guidance Cell (24/06/2024)

Library (Shrine of Knowledge)

History of the Library

Holy Cross College Central Library is a treasure trove of knowledge with the slogan ‘Read to Know Thyself’. It has bright reader friendly aspirational spaces and comfortable seating arrangements. It knits people, reading and books together, with its quiet reading areas and research worthy collections. It is a silent partner in learning teaching, research empowerment and enlightenment. There are 54462 books (35194 titles), 28 journals with 7730 back volumes, 20 magazines, 199500+ e-books and 6000+ e-journals. The facility of Open Access System is adopted in the library. Books are issued, renewed and returned in a computerized circulation counter. OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) facility is an added advantage.

Holy Cross College library was established in the year 1965. It is a repository of rare books, special reports, e-resources, collection of theses and other knowledge resources. We have a special collection of books which are first editions, highly priced and rare. Some Valuable manuscripts of Sahitya academy, aficionados and other native writers are treasured. Other collections in philosophy, psychology, sociology and religion are found in the library. Also the library has a good collection of books from the authors of the locality.




To function as the nucleus of all academic and research activities, with its impressive collection of books.


To provide right Information to the right Users at the right Time and in the right Format.


On Working Days - 8.45 a.m to 5.30 p.m

On Saturdays & Other Holidays - 8.45 a.m to 3.30 p.m

(Except Sundays & Govt. Holidays)

Transaction Hours

Book Issue:

10.45am to 11.00am

12.30pm to 1.30pm

3.15 pm to 4.15pm

Book Return:

10.45am to 11.00am

12.30pm to 1.30pm

3.15 pm to 4.15pm

Readers Access

Users No.of Books Duration
U.G 2 7 Days
P.G 5 7 Days
M.Phil 5 7 Days
Ph.D 5 30 Days
STAFF 20 90 Days

Knowledge Resources

Sl.No. Particulars Total
1 Total number of Books 54462
2 Text Books 52425
3 Reference Books 2037
4 Book Bank 7720
5 Gift Books 1887
6 Periodicals 48
7 Back Volumes Journals 7730
8 Theses 951

E- Resources

Sl.No. E- Resources Links
1 E-Books





2 E-Journals


Shodh Sindhu


3 E-Database



Librarians Down the years

Sr. Jositta,

1965 -1973


1973- 1982



Dr. A. Mary Johnsy, M.A., M.L.I.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D


Dr. V. Jeyakala

2023-till date

Special Features

Conducive ambience for easy navigation of information and retrieving quality resources.

Intensive collection of rare books, journals, magazines, souvenirs, valuable manuscripts of Sahitya Academy aficionados, creative writers and books on various disciplines.

Library Seeding Practice by Library Patrons.

Unique and Valuable back issues of journals, periodicals, magazines and e-newspapers.

Attractive Captions to promote reading habit and library based research projects.

Reader-friendly help desk and people friendly Librarian.

‘Crossian archive’ that treasures rarities and cultural artifacts.

Open access systemfor hassle free use.

Fourteen Lamp poles (Seven on each side) adorn the pathwayto the Library. They indicate the seven chakras in the human spine where consciousness and energy move from one frequency to another in spiraling fashion. Reading can bring the chakras into alignment and balance, leading one to self-discovery.

The tagline is ‘Read, Rejoice, Respond and Realize’.


Librarian Cabin.

Baggage Counter

UG Reading Hall

Question Bank

Encyclopaedia Section

Newspapers, Journals & Magazines

Computerized Circulation counter

Manual Cataloguing Section

OPAC Section

Stack Room – UG Students

Career Guidance Section

Biographies of National Leaders

Dictionaries and Directories

Technical Room

Reprography and Printing Section

Browsing Section

PG Reading Hall

Competitive Exam Books

Book Bank Section

PG Reference Room

Antiques and Artifacts Section

Thinnai Library

Little Free Library

Specialised Services

Open Access System : Enables direct interaction with the bookshelves’ contents.

Reference Service : Help the library patron to get access to the information that they need.

OPAC : Online Public Access Catalogue

Circulation Status : A specific book is on the stack or reserved or loaned or is in Binding

Reading Zones : Separate reading zones for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Book Loan Facility :Inter Library Loan Service

Readers Forum : Interdisciplinary, Multi-disciplinary and Trans – disciplinary knowledge dissemination through active Readers Forum.

Barcode : Barcode technology is used in the circulation system due to its speed, accuracy and reliability.

Internet : There are 12 computers available for the students and staff to access to electronic resources. The library has also internet and Wi-Fi connection for the staff and students.

Webinar : National and International webinars help in sharpening the educational agenda and turn a presentation into a real time conversation.

Model Question Papers : The librarian makes a concerted effort to gather and organise all of the question papers of previous examinations.

Best Practices

Orientation to freshmen students by the librarian at the beginning of each academic year, on the use of library, its rules and regulations, its history, its slogan, tagline and its expectations from students.

E-resource training programme on Inflibnet and other e-resources for both staff and students every semester.

Regular meeting of the Library Advisory Committee.

Prompt Display of the New Arrivals.

Tri-Annual Book Exhibition (5 days).

Book Review by both staff and students once a fortnight to build community feeling and inspire youth.

‘Weeding Out’ Books by involving the concerned department.

The Annual Best User library award.

Awareness given on traditional songs, folk tales, folk songs and ancient forgotten games so as to give them a new lease of life.

Details of books, journals, magazines and data charts displayed attractively.

Interaction with the ‘Literati’ and creative writers to build up confidence in youth.

Meaningful celebration of library week every year (Essay Writing, Caption Writing, Versification, Debates, Quizzes are conducted. Cultural Programmes are also held as part of the celebration).

Honouring life time achievers and writers through ‘memento moments’

‘Thinnai Library’ – where students can have unguarded access to books, periodicals, newspapers and other materials, relax and unplug their creativity.

Book Selection and purchase left to the choice of members of the faculty of the concerned departments.

Extension service to school children

Building Community, sparking creativity and Inspiring readers through ‘Little Free Library’. (Registered with 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization, Hudson.

Charter number and sign to add our Library’s photos, story and location to the world map.

General best practices:-

Binding of books and periodical Volumes.

Library Information included in prospects and College Websites.

Intercom facility for easy communication among various departments.

Pasting of barcode, spine label and stamping in a definite place on the books.

Library calendar of activity and events.

Display of various library charts.

Library resources are preserved by using organic best repellents like Vasambu, Millettia Pinnata, Neem Leaves etc.

Keeping the library premises silent, neat and clean.

ICT Best Practices

Books are barcoded through Libware software.

Computerized issue/return of books.

Reprographyand Printing Facility.

Orientation Programme: The students are given a basic awareness of the library facilities by the librarian at the beginning of each academic year.

E-resources training programme: Inflibnet and other e-resources training programme are given twice a year for both staff and students.

Reader-friendly help desk and people friendly Librarian.

Student Entry, Books, Journals, thesis Entries are done by using the software.

Resource Sharing: The library is an active member of N-list. We share resources with the library of St. Xavier’s Catholic College of Engineering.

New Endeavours

‘Touching Lives’: Students who have done a phenomenal service to others by way of counseling, saving lives or investing time and money in social service have filed their experiences in the library.

Manuscript of Student magazine ‘Crossian Voices’ is archived.

47 native creative writers including Sahitya Academy aficionados were honoured with mementos.

Rules for the smooth functioning of the Library

It is obligatory for all students of the college to be members of the library and Reader’s forum.

Students from all disciplines must bring their ID cards and Library cards to gain entry into the Library.

Students are expected to leave their belongings in the counter at the entrance.

The library card is not transferable.

Students should maintain strict silence in the Reading Room and other areas of the Library.

After taking a book from the Stack Room shelf, it will be issued at the Reading Room Counter after submitting the Reading Pass. The books have to be returned at Janitor’s counter before leaving the library.

Students will be allowed to take a maximum of 5 books at a time for study purpose in the Reading Room.

Newspapers are to be handled without shuffling, creases or crumbles with the pages in tact.

Books should not be misplaced on shelves. After selecting the needed books the order of arrangement has to be restored.

Students have the privilege of direct access to the shelves in the stack room and the reading room. They are requested to respect the freedom and not misuse it.

Students should not crowd in front of any counter, but should follow the queue.

Students will be given borrower’s tickets. The ticket will be returned to the borrower when the book is returned. 2 books will be issued for the UG students and 5 books for the PG students at a time.

Students have to check the condition of the book at the time of borrowing. Any mutilation or loss of pages should be reported instantly to the concerned library staff. Otherwise the borrower will be responsible for the damage.

The book borrowed should be returned on or before the stipulated date mentioned on the date-slip. If the prescribed time has elapsed, the book must be returned to the librarian by the student herself.

Books due on a holiday shall be returned on the next working day.

No one is allowed to pass on any book to another or to lend them to any one inside or outside of the college.

If a book is damaged, lost or spoiled, the person responsible shall replace it with a new copy of the book.

Books should be handled with care. Marking on books is most objectionable. Students are strictly forbidden to tear, cut out or scribble on pages of magazines, periodicals and books.

The photocopy section is for Xeroxing only the library books.

Mobile phones should be kept in switch off mode.

CDs or Pen drives can be used in the library computers, after ensuring their virus free status. Storage devices are to be scanned by Antivirus Software.

The Laptops and Palmtops are allowed in the library.


Total area of our library: 2517.42 sq. m i.e 27097.28 sq.ft

Total Seating Capacity : 225 (UG –110, PG –90, E-Section –25)

Ground floor

First floor

Second Floor

Ground floor






6m x 13m

78 sq.m

Entrance Hall


2m x 3.1m

6.2 sq.m

Librarian – Partition Counter


17m x 9m

153 sq.m

Stack cum reading room


6m x 7.5m

45 sq.m

Magazine and Circulation counter


27m x 27m

729 sq.m

Reading cum Reference Room


17m x 9m

153 sq.m

Stack Room


3m x 3m

9 sq.m

Library Card – Book Issuing counter


1.5m x 1.5m

2.25 sq.m

OPAC Section


3.5m x 3.5m

12.25 sq.m

Xerox Service Counter (Partition)







29m x 29m

841 sq.m

Post graduate Stack cum Reading hall cum Competitive Section.


17m x 9m

153 sq.m

 Post graduate reading cum reference


9m x 9m

81 sq.m

  Under graduate loan book issuing room


6m x 13m


  Browsing Section







6m x 13m


Antiques Section


Library Staff Members





1 Mrs. M. Regish Mejella, M.A Eco. Library Assistant
2 Mrs. P. Johnsy Rani, B.Com., M.B.A. Library Assistant
3 Mrs. S. Mary Indira, B.Sc. Library Assistant
4 Mrs. Starlin Beril, M.Com. Library Assistant
5 Mrs. G. Selva Mary Prabha George, M.Com, M.Phil., M.B.A., B.L.I.Sc. Library Assistant