College Staff Council

College Staff Council

It is the basic decision making body of the institution. Principal, Secretary, Vice Principal, Controller of Examinations, IQAC coordinator, Deans of Students, Deans of Arts and Science, Heads of the Departments, University Senate member, Librarian, Physical Directress, Office Superintendent and Staff Club secretaries are the members of College Staff Council. The Staff Council is convened once a fortnight.


To discuss the circulars/notices received from the Government/ University.

To plan the common celebrations and functions such as Inauguration of all Clubs and committees and Installation of the Office bearers of Student Council, College Day, Graduation Day, Christmas Celebration, Library Day Celebration and Sports Day.

To discuss disciplinary issues, student grievances and take decisions.

To fix the amount for Proficiency prizes, endowment prizes and scholarships for students.

To prepare the tentative plan for the next academic year.

Members Of College Staff Council

Members Of College Staff Council
1 Secretary Dr. Sr. M. Mary Hilda
2 Principal Dr. Sr. S. Sahayaselvi
3 Vice Principal 1 Dr. Sr. P. Leema Rose
4 Vice Principal 2 Dr. P. Sathya
5 Controller of Examinations Dr. J. Vinoliya Josephine Mary
6 Assistant Controller of Examinations Dr. S. Regi
7 Director of IQAC Dr. H. Jimsy Asha
8 Dean of Academic affairs Dr. Jeni Chandar Padua
9 Dean of Academic affairs Dr. V. Virgin Nithya Veena
10 Dean of Academic affairs Dr. C.K. Sunitha
11 Deans of Student affairs Ms. A. Judes Jalaja
12 Dean of Research Dr. S. Mary Mettilda Bai
13 Dean of Extension Dr. V. Antony Prakash Babila
14 Dean of External affairs Dr. R. Abilasha
15 Senate Member Ms. P.T. Anbu Hannah Dora
16 IIC Convener Dr. Sheeba Daniel
17 Teaching Staff Club Secretary Dr. R. Gladis Latha
18 Non-Teaching Staff Club Secretary Ms. R. Virgin Suvees