Planning and Evaluation Committee

Planning and Evaluation Committee

Members of Planning and Evaluation Committee

Members of Planning and Evaluation Committee
1 Principal Dr. Sr. S. Sahayaselvi
2 Secretary Dr. Sr. M. Mary Hilda
3 Vice Principal 1 Dr. Sr. P. Leema Rose
4 Controller of Examinations Dr. J. Vinoliya Josephine Mary
5 Director of IQAC Dr. H. Jimsy Asha
6 Dean of Academic affairs Dr. Jeni Chandar Padua
7 Dean of Research Dr. S. Mary Mettilda Bai
8 Dean of Student affairs Ms. A. Judes Jalaja
9 Dean of Extension Dr. V. Antony Prakash Babila
10 Dean of External affairs Dr. R. Abilasha
11 Senior Faculty Dr. F. Brisca Renuga
12 Coordinator of RUN Dr. S.J. Jenepha Mary
13 Assistant Coordinator of UBA Dr. A. Jancy Vini
14 Coordinator of Clubs and Committees Ms. P.T. Anbu Hannah Dora
15 Coordinator of Placement and Career Guidance Cell Dr. V. Sujin Flower
16 Research Coordinator Dr. S. Jeni Sanjana
17 Physical Education Directress Dr. J. Christy Celin Mary
18 Non-teaching Staff Representative Mr. M. Wilson
19 Student Representative Ms. Ridhi F. Dayal


To present the annual academic plans of the Institution .

To monitor and evaluate the activities at the end of the academic year.

To propose possible actions to be taken during the next academic year.

To submit the report to IQAC for close scrutiny.