Holy Cross College Alumnae Association is involved in a number of activities at the college premises. The prominent activities are Annual Alumni Day, Endowment Lectures & Chapter meetings. Every year the Annual Alumni Day is conducted on the second Saturday of August. On this day the Alumni exchange their experiences and talents. The illustrious Alumni are honored for their life time achievement.

Endowment Lectures

Alumnae of our institution come forward to serve as resource persons for endowment lectures and establish endowment funds to provide scholarships and prizes to meritorious candidates and deserving candidates. The Alumnae Association facilitates and motivates the alumnae members in all these activities.

Chapter Meetings

Every year chapter meetings are regularly conducted in every part of the world. Many of our alumnae gather among themselves in different places and also in our institution. They share their experiences and take it as an amazing opportunity for the alumni to interact with each other to catch up with the lives of their peers with lot of fun and make the alumni meets more productive and vibrant. Usually the alumni are also requested to update their details on the Alumni portal and to improve the engagement of the Alumni chapters. The alumnae come forward for mentoring the college students, helping out in summer internships and placements and inviting them for the guest lecture in the college, viva, Academic advisory and also being judge in different cultural programs. The meetings ensure good networking and engagement with each other.


The purpose of Mentorship Programs is to enhance the existing knowledge and skills of students from a young age. And so the Alumni Association takes initiative towards mentoring the students and alumnae members of our college come forward to mentor and motivate the students.


In order to help the students in empowering their academic and career goals by removing the financial barrier, Alumnae Association provides scholarships to the deserving students who are in need of the same.

Mid-Day Meals

The Alumnae Association provides support services to the deserving poor students. The objective of the mid-day meal scheme is to help improve the effectiveness of higher education by improving the nutritional status of the deserved students. Over 80 students, are provided Midday meals at the College canteen. Many of our Alumnae support this programme through their valuable contribution.


Alumni members generously participate in supporting the development of the Infrastructure of the College whenever a need arises.