Institution's Innovation Council(IIC)

President Message

“Innovation distinguishes a leader from a follower”

-Steve jobs, Founder, Apple Inc..

Yes, dear friends, innovation is a just a state of mind that helps to cross the boundaries of the world within nanoseconds in terms of novel ideas, processes, application, business models etc. When we cross our frontiers with novelty and creativity, automatically the world tends to look up to us for our insights and enlightenments. Thus we become leaders who think out of the box and not merely exist as followers of leaders.

Every person, born on this planet is unique, irreplaceable and capable in her /his own way. We are unique in terms of our pupils, thumb impression and DNA. There is no other person like you and me on this planet. Believing these notions, the Institutional Innovation Council (IIC) of our college provides an exquisite platform to explore the unique talents and capacities of our faculty and students to empower them as world class leaders in terms of their innovations and entrepreneurship.

I am happy that I am also the part of this team to help thousands and thousands of young women to become future entrepreneurs and innovators who could be brought into the limelight for their creativity and innovation in the form of startups. To facilitate this arena, our college provides wide opportunities for both teachers and students through its flexibility in academic pursuance and implementation of startup policies. I am sure this startup policy of our college will certainly enhance the budding entrepreneurs to excel in their financial empowerment.

Dear friends, the opportunity is knocking at the door of every Crossian. Let us be open and grab this opportunity and become leaders. By our very life we become torch bearers of the society who show the way to budding innovators and entrepreneurs in our locality. This is our social responsibility and commitment with which we move onward. Being successful does not matter but being significant in our own ways certainly lifts our institution to greater heights and our life becomes productive. Let us aspire for this through the IIC of our college. Wish you good luck and God’s blessings …

Dr.(Sr) SahayaSelvi

NISP Coordinator

“Vision is the art of seeing the invisible.” –Jonathan Swift

I am proud to be a part of a legacy of sustained academic excellence of over 55 years. Engaging students in research, innovation and entrepreneurship is the hall mark of our great institution. In following the foot step, Institution Innovation Council (IIC) encourages our crossians in research and creative endeavors that mould them as better thinkers, innovators and problem solvers, cultivating a depth of understanding needed to make a positive difference in the world. This helps them to sharpen their professional acumen.

We have several certificates courses, skill- based and value-added courses which a large number of students pursue simultaneously with their degree that allow them to become a successful entrepreneur.

Innovation in education is about more than just technology to empower students to become lifelong learners who are agents of change. It is the prime duty of educational institution to promote strong positive character traits and foster creativity and innovative thinking among students to teach not to be afraid of failure but strive hard to achieve success for excellence.

In all perspective our students are beyond our expectations.

I hope and pray that the students of our college will scale great heights and keep the crossians flag high.

Dr.A.Anami Augustus Arul
Assistant Professor
Dept of Botany


“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things”.

- Theodore Levitt

I am extremely happy to be the Convener of Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) of this prestigious institution. Our college has established IIC in the year 2018 for promoting the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among faculty and students. The main objective of IIC is to encourage the creative energy of young minds to work on innovation and promote them to create start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures.

The IIC of our college in collaboration with industries and Government agencies is conducting various activities related to innovation, IPR, startup and entrepreneurship. We have a team of committed and dedicated internal and external experts for mentoring the budding innovators to excel in innovation and entrepreneurial activities.

Our students are regularly participating in Innovation contest and Smart India Hackathon (SIH) conducted by AICTE and MoE’s Innovation Cell. We are proud to note that six of our students from the department of Physics participated in SIH Grand Finale 2022 (Hardware Edition) and presented the prototype in QIS College of Engineering and Technology, Ongole, Andhra Pradesh. Our faculty and students excel in entrepreneurship and startup, as an outcome we have twenty startups under Holy Cross Innovation and Incubation Centre.

I wish God’s blessing throughout the journey of IIC

Dr. Sheeba Daniel
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry