Retreat and Orientation on "Eudaemonic Educators" (17/06/2024 & 18/06/2024)    Orientation on Code of Conduct organised by the Department of English (SF) (25/06/2024)    Mentoring Session on Internship Opportunities for Student Entrepreneurs (25/06/2024)    Session on Business Model Canvas by IIC (25/06/2024)    A Rally to Commemorate International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking conducted by NSS (26/06/2024)    Demonstration of IR Spectrophotometer by the Department of Chemistry (26/06/2024)    Bridge Course in Botany (26/06/2024)    Student Induction Programme for Freshers (26/06/2024 - 28/06/2024)    Inauguration of The English Coffee House (27/06/2024)    Interdepartmental Written Quiz & Formation of Quiz Club (27/06/2024)    Association Meeting – The Next Step – Career Guidance (27/06/2024)    Work-Life Balance - An Orientation for the Nonteaching Staff (17/06/2024 & 18/06/2024)    Bridge Course in Computer Science (27/06/2024)    Bridge course in CDF (27/06/2024)    Session on "Intellectual Property Rights: Fundamental and Importance" by IPR Cell of IIC (27/06/2024)    Commemorating “World Diabetes Day” – Department of Zoology (27/06/2024)    Hands-on Training – “Soap Making” offered by the Department of Chemistry (27/06/2024)    Distributing Saplings- Green Initiative by the Department of History (27/06/2024)    Motivational Talk on” Job Opportunities in Economics” (28/06/2024)    Orientation on "Opportunities available for Commerce Students" (28/06/2024)    Orientation Program for TNPSC and Group Exams (28/06/2024)    Orientation - Code of Conduct and Anti-ragging by CAT (28/06/2024)    Classes begin for the new Academic Year 2024-2025 - II & III UG and II PG (19/06/2024)    Orientation on Code of Conduct and Academic Calendar by the Department of Botany (28/06/2024)    Talk on "Optimism and its Benefits" organised by the Department of Commerce (21/06/2024)    Yoga Mahostav 2024 - Yoga for Women Empowerment (21/06/2024)    Panel Discussion with Innovation and Startup Ecosystem Enablers (21/06/2024)    Lecture Series- Taxonomy and Adaptation of Grasses by the Department of Botany (21/06/2024)    Celebrating National Readers' Day by The Readers Circle (23/06/2024)    “Unlocking Your Potential: Understanding and Improving Your Talents” - Placement and Career Guidance Cell (24/06/2024)

Support Service

Guidance for competitive examinations


The main objective of Entry Level Services is to motivate and guide the students to write competitive examinations.

Every year nearly 50 students are selected and they are motivated and guided by experts in this field. Moreover, special programmes are also arranged.

Soft Skill Training Programme

The following topics are covered in soft skill training programme

  • Discovering Self
  • Goal Setting
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Career Action Plan
  • Public Speaking Skill
  • Time Management
  • Decision Making Skill
  • Stress Management

Orientation on Competitive Examinations

            The orientation on eligibility criteria, syllabi and the examination pattern for different competitive examinations are provided to the students.



  • To prepare students through motivational talks to face the challenges in career life.
  • To organize Orientation programs on various career opportunities.
  • To organize two wheeler and four wheeler driving programs and dual degree programs as a part of empowering the students.
  • To provide service through campus interviews and job placements.
  • To empower women with leadership skills.

“Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world” – Hilary Clinton.

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell of our institution aims to develop an entrepreneurial temperament and impart career skills to the students’ educational setting. This is to ensure that the students are well equipped while they take up entrepreneurial ventures and careers which will result in economic independence and stability.


During the initial years, Entrepreneurship Cell, being merged with Career Guidance Cell functioned as a single unit under the name “’Career Guidance and Entrepreneurship Cell’. The activities of this cell included campus drives; coaching classes; motivational talks etc. To enhance thrust on entrepreneurial activities, the above cell was bifurcated and the Entrepreneurship Development Cell began to function as an individual unit from the academic year 2016-17.


  • To conduct survey for identifying the entrepreneurial aptitude/skills of our students.
  • To organize skill based courses to facilitate earn while you learn scheme.
  • To train students to extract wealth from waste and market them.
  • To train the students in entrepreneurial skills through workshops and camps.
  • To organize sales exhibition within the campus in order to improve marketing skills of students.
  • To introduce the students to fund availability in the forms of subsidies and loans.
  • To facilitate interaction with experts, professionals and businessmen to enrich the students knowledge on business opportunities and management skills.
  • To effect product promotion through collaboration with NGOs and business personalities of our locality.

Proposed Entrepreneurial Ventures

  • Organic farming (organic garden and organic manure)
  • Tailoring in collaboration with textiles
  • YouTube channel
  • Jewel making
  • Doll making
  • Artificial flower making
  • Pickle making

Soft skills enhance the possibilities of employability in students and make them resilient, adaptable and effective in work spots.  In Holy Cross College, Soft skills are imparted though a number of development programmes, awareness talks, spoken English classes, foundation courses, skill enhancement courses, and certificate courses.                 

Personality development programmes are organized by Entrepreneurship and Career Guidance Cell to enhance the leadership qualities in students.

            Spoken English classes are offered to all the students from 11.45 am to 12.30 pm, three days a week.  Students are trained in pronunciation, reading, conversation and common speech.

            The II U.G and all the P.G students are trained to have cutting edge skills through curriculum, academic activities and training programme.

            All the U.G students are given a foundation course that addresses topics like motivation, goal setting, developing positive attitude, success, time management, coping with fear, anger, stress management etc.

            At the entry level the I U.G students are given soft skill check list and their progress is monitored throughout, assessed every year and matched with the exit level attainment.

            Through all these efforts the institution offers the students a plethora of opportunities to improve their self esteem, creativity, personality and leadership qualities, transferable skills and above all their people skills.

Remedial Programme

Remedial programme is offered to the low achievers twice a week. Peer teaching, tutorials, group work and demonstration of practical are some of the means of conducting the remedial programme.  



  • To provide learning support to slow learners by individualised learning programmes to strengthen their confidence and enhance the effectiveness of learning.
  • To enable the slow learners to score higher marks.
  • Improving academic skills and linguistic proficiency of the students’ in various subjects.
  • Raising the level of comprehension of basic subjects to provide a stronger foundation for further academic work.
  • Strengthening the knowledge, skills and attitudes in such subjects, where quantitative and qualitative techniques and laboratory activities are involved so that proper guidance and training provided under the programme may enable the students to come up to the level necessary for pursuing higher studies efficiently.


Rules and Regulations

  1. The UG students who secured less than 60% marks in the first internal test belonging to SC/ST/OBC (excluding creamy layer)/and minority communities are considered for remedial coaching.
  2. For UG students on every 1st and 5th day order from 45 to 12.30 pm shall be assigned for conducting the remedial programme in all the departments.
  3. For PG students, every 1st and 5th day order from 45 to 12.30 pm shall be assigned for project/tutorial hour in all the departments.
  4. Registers containing students name with community (SC/ST/OBC/ Minority communities) is maintained for all the classes separately.
  5. Each department maintains a record of the staff handling the remedial programme.
  6. Remedial committee members will monitor the activity of remedial programme.
  7. Slow learners who need personal counseling will be directed to the trained counselors by the course teachers.


The methods adopted by the faculty are

  • Conducting tests in small portions
  • Conducting quiz
  • Motivating high achievers to assist the low achievers
  • Training in note making


Language laboratory guarantees a successful language learning experience. It creates a more attractive learning environment for the students through audio-visual aids. Language laboratory provides practice in an entertaining and interactive way to acquire the four language skills, Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing (LSRW). It helps students learn much faster than    in a regular classroom setting and promotes language use.


With the guidance of the teacher the students watch videos, develop intelligent skills  and effectively take part in global conversation. They practice their pronunciation through a speech recognizer, learn new vocabulary, and listen to youtube knowledge dissemination. This  gives  an opportunity for the students to develop their speaking skill and critically evaluate the components. The students are motivated to read the stories on screen.They are monitored by the teacher and are evaluated at the end of the semester.

Activities and exercises essential to oral communication and the understanding of the language are provided in the language laboratory, thus encouraging the students to have effective communication with the teacher and their fellow students.

The practical component of AECC (English Communication) offered for the I UG students is done through language laboratory.

Software details of the language laboratory

Operating System :Windows XP

Packages :Clarity S.Net V7.0

Spelling Fusion

Tense Buster

Beat the clock


Take off with spoken English

            Bridge course is offered by the college to all the freshmen students every year for four days soon after their entry so as to help them overcome their transition blues and fit seamlessly into the new system. It addresses their linguistic challenges, and helps them develop love for the English language. All the faculty of the department of English and two faculty from each department are the resource persons.

            This programme called “Take off with spoken English” further helps students to acquire the rudiments of grammar improve  their vocabulary and have some basic knowledge of the linguistic  conventions like reading, writing, and spoken language .Their academic experience is enriched through stories, video clippings, dumb charades ,oral presentations, Interactive group lectures, Quizzes, games and  Google classrooms.

Bridge Course for French

            The students of I U.G. who are interested in learning French as Part I language are  exposed to the rudiments of French language through a bridge course for 10 days. This gives students the opportunity for individual development, social mobility and overseas academic pursuits.  Also it facilitates immigration study abroad options.


The college gives due importance to yoga the science that has originated in the Indian culture embodying unity of mind and body, thought and action, restraint and fulfillment, harmony between man and nature and a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.  

  Sr. Mesmin, the then Librarian and an excellent Yoga trainer, trained the faculty of Holy Cross College in yoga in the year 1985. In the academic year 2011 and 2012, sixty faculty were trained by Sr.Mesmin in yoga.

When autonomous status was conferred to the college in 2008, the Physical Education Directress Dr. J. Christy Celine Mary  gave Yoga practices to all the II UG students who opted Yoga as the Skill Enhancement Course and all the Sports students.

From 2013 onwards in addition to the sports students, and the II U.G. students all the I UG students were trained in yoga by the Physical Education Directress. In the academic year 2018-19, Physical Education Directress Dr. J. Christy Celine Mary,  Mrs. S.Kavitha (Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics)  and   Mrs .S. Josephine Panimaya Rushia (Non- Teaching Staff) gave Yoga practices to all the I year students. 

Mrs.S. Kavitha and Yoga trainer Mr.O.Sivathanupillai  introduced Meditation and Exercise (Life Skill training)  programme to the II year students of the departments of Zoology, Chemistry, English(Aided), English (SF), Tamil (SF) and History in the odd semester 2018-19. During the even semester, Mrs. S.Kavitha and Yoga trainer Mr.S.K.Ananth Nagarajan  conducted Meditation and Exercise (Life skill training) programme to  the II year students from the departments of Physics, Mathematics(Aided), Mathematics(SF), Botany, Economics, Commerce(Aided) and Commerce (SF - A and B) .

The benefits of Yoga are:

  • Casting off negative tendencies and habits and absorbing virtues
  • Renouncing vices that influence their role within the society and family
  • Inspiring others and luring them into this practice.
  • Surrender of the ego - identity
  • Self - awareness for further evolution
  • Realizing the highest meaning of yoga as concentration of the mind in order to attain a mental and spiritual link with God.
  • Redirecting the energy of the mind in constructive channels
  • Basic knowledge to manage one’s own body, thoughts and energies to be stress free

Small mindfulness exercise given inside the classroom relieves stress and restores mental equipoise.  It instills in the students positive attitudes such as humility, tolerance, compassion, cheerfulness, contentment, serenity and fortitude.                   

Guidance and Counselling


  • To accept themselves.
  • To recognize their strength and overcome their weakness.
  • To develop love, regard and respect for others.
  • To set the students on the path to a stress free and happy life.
  • To instill in students a sense of appreciation of the worth of life.
  • To lead the students to wholeness and well-being.
  • Acceptance of individual needs.
  • To promote the personal, social, educational and career development of all students.
  • Holistic development of an individual.



  • The guidance and counseling cell provides individual counseling service and the sessions are offered in privacy and strict confidentiality.
  • Handling issues like interpersonal conflicts, relationship management, emotional disturbances, peer pressure etc.
  • Continual evaluation and implementation of plan if necessary.
  • Involvement of parents as part of the healing process.
  • If needed they are directed to psychiatric experts.
  • Counseling of students carried out at regular intervals.
  • To develop long term personal plan towards their career.

The counseling cell helps the students to handle issues like interpersonal conflicts, relationship management, emotional disturbances, peer pressure etc.



Trained Counsellors

In our campus we have 18 trained counsellors, who spent extra time with the students who are in need of our help. They are Dr. Sr. M.R. Basil Rose, Dr. Fr. Francis Xavier Nelson, Dr. Sr. Mary Johnsy, Dr. Sr. Sahayaselvi, Dr. C. Josephine Priyatharshini, Dr. LeslyFathima, Dr. S. Mary MettildaBai, Dr. JalajaKumari, Ms. Panimaya Mercy, Dr. ArulmozhiNangai, Dr. Mary PearlinSumathi, Dr. Krishna Priya, Ms. Jesmalar, Sr. Jothi Antony, Ms. ChristabelShaji, Ms.Ancy Mole, Ms. Lidia, Ms. Shruthi, Ms. Cathelin, Mr. Euprin and Ms. Jemila.  Self – renewal programmes were conducted for all the teaching staff once in two months.

Alumnae Association

The prime objective of the Crossian education is the multi-dimensional, well-integrated growth and formation of every student, entering into the portals, So that when they take wings into the wides, outer world ,they are able to take their rightful place in society , to live with and serve their fellowmen in love ,truth and justice.Every year thousands of students cross the Crossian threshold for higher education ,varied careers and to make homes and families.Alumni are the touchstones of the college with regard to intellect ,character, personality, values and achievements.

College days are the happy spring season in one’s life, never to be forgotten. Caught up in the busy tide of their career and personal life,they always remember their home institution with mixed feelings of nostalgia and gratitude.They,definitely, wish to have a link with their almamater and come back once in a while to relive the past and meet their friends.           

The Alumni Association provides the platform for the entire networking of the alumni scattered all over the globe.  It fosters , renews and promotes relationships and activities that enrich the lives of the members as well as the present students thus merging  the past with the present.


  • To bring the alumni under one forum to share and exchange experiences, knowledge, talents and achievements.
  • To conduct seminars, conferences, workshops, endowment lectures and other academic activities.
  • To create and establish alumni endowments for awarding Scholarships, awards and medals to the students proficient in studies.
  • To honour the former students who excel in the fields of service.
  • To render financial aid to deserving alumni in case of extreme compassionate circumstances.
  • To be in touch with the former students and keep track of their service, achievements and success.
  • To conduct Alumni day meet every year.
  • To organize cultural and educational programmes.
  • To encourage the alumni to take an active and abiding interest in the working and progress of the College and contribute their share in all possible 

The annual alumni meet is on the second Saturday of every year. It attracts attendance of a large number of alumni who are very happy to come back to the campus and meet their friends and teachers.The teachers are also happy to see their students well placed in life. During this meet the alumni share their memories past as well as their present experiences.It is really heartening to see the alumni from near and far and even across the oceans             meeting on that day. Those alumni with remarkable achievements are feted.

The executive members are elected every year and they are responsible for the functioning of the association.The alumni make a considerable impact on the betterment and excellence of the college. They collaborate with the great venture of the college in the formation of empowered women who in turn become socially conscious citizens. Efforts have been to bring all the alumni, from various departments own this half a century under one banner.

The participation and contribution of the alumni in the context of the academic excellence of the institution is noteworthy.     They are selected as members in the syllabus forming BOS in all the departments. They are invited as resource persons for guest lectures, endowments, workshops, seminars and meetings.         They share their personal experience in life and career with the present students which is the source of inspiration and motivation for the latter. They take the seats of the judges in the various competitions both academic and cultural conducted in the College. Many of our alumni well placed in the Software industries, reputed educational institutions, government service, private sectors and self-entrepreneurship lend their valuable and active contribution in the different academic and administrative bodies of the college. An open online             forum was created to communicate with all the alumni in a convenient and consistent manner. Efforts are taken by the alumni of a particular batches both U.G. and P.G. for a get together with their Staff members.

Campus Animation Team


  • To strengthen the spirituality of staff and students.
  • To help the students from character to consciousness.
  • To search for the ultimate meaning of life and the universe.

The Campus Animation Team strengthens the spirituality of staff and students. It helps the students to move from character to consciousness and to search for the ultimate meaning in life. The team organizes special prayer meetings, religious celebrations and gives regular retreats, seminars, renewal programmes, inspirational talks and para liturgical services to both the staff and students. Every year the Mother Foundress Day is celebrated in a meaningful way. Holy mass is organized at the beginning and end of the academic year besides Ash Wednesday for the catholic staff and students.

Value Education books for UG and PG students are also prepared by the Campus Animation Team.


Teaching / Non Teaching

  • Think, Live and Hope positively
  • Personality Development
  • Relating with outside world
  • Effective communication
  • Healthy balanced life
  • Stress Management
  • Seven Habits for Success
  • Problem faced by youth
  • How to face challenges in life
  • Training in counselling


  • Face the challenges of life with self confidence
  • Personality Development
  • Leadership Training
  • Renewal of spiritual life
  • How to face challenges in life
  • Religious Tolerance
  • Love, sex, addiction
  • Leadership training and effective communication
  • Self awareness and God’s love
  • Guidance and counseling
  • Way to happiness
  • Societal analysis
Motto: ‘Like the Ocean is your God-self’



  • To empower youth after fixing their identity as cosmic.
  • To impart the basic principles of human consciousness and existence and propel them to seek the truth.
  • To train them in the natural laws of the universe so that they move beyond fragmentation, sorrow and suffering.
  • To make them life-sensitive so that discipline just flows in the most natural way.
  • To move from competition to co-operation from ambition to vision, from compulsive behavior to conscious choice, and from punishment to correction.


  • Orientation to freshmen students on the history/rules/ regulations/ and expectations of the college.
  • Awareness programmes / motivation talks on topics that address the objectives.
  • Visiting the homes of students who come from challenging background, assess the situation and do the needful.
  • Maintaining regularity, punctuality, decorum and propriety in the campus.
  • Regulating traffic, monitoring discipline in a ‘warm but firm way’.
Divyangjan Students’ Cell

Keeping in stride with its legacy, the Holy Cross College has always striven to equip the individuals within its folds to excel in life and society not withstanding the differences. From its early years it has warmly invited students who are differently abled into its midst with no discrimination. However, in 2018 – 19 the Divyangjan Cell has been inaugurated for the purpose of streamlining what the college has always done. The motto of the cell is ‘Winged and Wheeled to WIN’ which sums up the perspective of the institution towards its special needs’ community.


            The objective of the cell is two fold – to thoughtfully provide support to the individuals on campus; and to equip them for life in all its dimensions.


            Organizing programmes in collaboration with Women’s Cell, Rotaract Club, Entrepreneur Development Committee, Heath Care team and Career Guidance Cell.


Dr. Subha Ganapathy

Fine arts


  • To bring out the hidden talents of students and to foster leadership qualities.
  • To respond to the challenges in life with a healthy competitive spirit.
  • To experience team spirit and co-ordinating capacities.


            The Fine Arts Committee of our College, comprises of staff representatives  from all the departments. The committee is active throughout the year offering cultural events on various occasions like Inauguration ceremony, Holy Cross Feast, Christmas celebration, Pongal celebration and College day. The Fine Arts inter-departmental off-stage and on-stage competitions are conducted every year. Prizes and certificates are distributed for the winners and rolling trophies are given to the departments who won the first and second places. With sportive spirit, the students participate in all events. 

Health care Team

      Health care is the maintenance or improvement of health via the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, illness injury and other physical and mental impairments in human beings.


  • To provide health care awareness.
  • To provide essential health services.
  • To make the students participate in various health programs.
  • To emphasize the fact that health begins from oneself.


  • Medical checkup for all I UG students.
  • Awareness programme on first aid services and personal hygiene.
  • Programmes in collaboration with Divyanjan students cell and Women’s cell.



Accommodation in the hostel is given on request from the students. Hostel admission is carried out on the day of admission in the college. Hostel admission is valid for only one academic year and its renewal is subjected to the willingness of the students to stay. At present accommodation is given to 250 students approximately including sports students. In accepting residential students preference is given to those from the outskirts of Kanyakumari district.


  • DVD player for recreation
  • TV for News and entertainment
  • Beautiful campus for relaxation
  • Play Ground
  • 24 hours water and electricity supply
  • Napkin vend
  • Card phone system


  • Freshers’ day
  • Christmas celebrations
  • Hostel day
  • Farewell day

Psycho - spiritual orientation

Care is taken to provide wholistic formation to the hostellers. Motivational and personality development talks are arranged once a month providing them with life skills and the ability to handle oneself. Hostellers conduct entertainment programs regularly. They bring out their talents and creativity through a variety of cultural events. Thus they cultivate and nurture leadership qualities and self confidence to plunge into the modern society. Catholic students are given special care in their spiritual formation, through Holy mass, confession and recitation of Rosary. 


ICT Cell


To support and maximize efficiency in academics and research through ICT.


  • To enhance the quality of teaching- learning
  • To facilitate teachers to create and share contextualized teaching learning resources
  • To provide a platform for good practices in technology
  • To store, preserve and provide access to variety of digital resources
  • To enable the participation of the community in development and sharing of digital resources
Intercollegiate Competitions


  • To enhance the talents and self-confidence of the student by encouraging them to take part in various competitions.
  • To impart competitive spirit among students.
  • To inculcate positive attitude among students.

Inter collegiate competitions aims to elicit the latent talents of our students, to facilitate participation in inter collegiate competitions and to make students realize the value of healthy co-operation even in competitions. Our students have brought laurels to our institution by winning in various competition conducted by various organizations.

Intercollegiate Competitions

Imbued with a healthy competitive spirit and encouraged to exercise their innate talents, our students have emerged as proud winners in various competitions like

Flower arrangement

Fancy dress

Glass painting

Solo song


Vegetable carving

Group song

Pencil drawing

Verse writing


Essay writing


Group dance

Fashion show


Dumb charade

Turn coat


Media Committee

Media Committee takes up the responsibility to contact the media personnel and make arrangements for the coverage of the academic and extra-curricular activities. It connects the institution with the society through media. Every year Annual Photo Album and an album with newspaper cuttings related to the institution are prepared by the members.


  • To take the events of the institution to the public through press, radio and television.
  • To improve the visibility of the institution.
Parent Teacher Association


    Parents and Teachers work together for the betterment of students.


  • To foster and promote good rapport among the teachers, students and parents of the college.
  • To encourage students who excel academically by awarding them and rewarding them.

The Parents Teachers Association consists of the principal as the patron, two parents as elected members - (one as President and the other as Vice President), a treasurer and the executive members comprising staff and parents. PTA meets frequently to carry out the activities chalked out by the association. The PTA has been focusing on the growth and development of the college since its inception. The general body meets occasionally for a free interaction of parents and teachers on matters related to the performance of their wards.

Quiz Club



  • To improve the general knowledge and general awareness of the students.
  • To groom the ambitious students to perform well in the intercollegiate quiz competitions and win prizes
  • To make them proficient enough to pass competitive exams.
  • To ensure placement opportunities for the students.


The Context


The Quiz Club of our college was established in the year 1985 to encourage and motivate young brains to have a quest for knowledge. The seed for organizing CROSSINGS the first ever inter-collegiate quiz competition of our college was sown in 1985 which being the International Year of Youth. Initially the club was conducting CROSSINGS with our own college teachers and later, from 1993 onwards, it was conducted for college students in collaboration with SIOL QUIZ CLUB, Pondicherry. From the year 2015-16 onwards the club started conducting inter-school Quiz too. An ever-rolling trophy is awarded to the winners along with the cash prizes to motivate the students. In order to nurture the general knowledge skills among our own students, the best competitor award is given every year for the students who wins in the maximum number of quiz competitions conducted in other colleges.

Action Plan

The inter-collegiate event CROSSINGS has become an important co-curricular activity of the Quiz Club. Overwhelming response from our students and also from the students of other colleges shows the success of the program. Further, we used to send our students to participate in the regional, state and national level quiz programs conducted by other academic bodies in the southern districts of Tamil Nadu.

SC- ST cell

Purpose of SC/ST Cell

The Cell is launched with a vision of empowering the SC/ST students to face the challenges and lead a dignified life. The primary objective of the cell is to enable the learners to be employable and be confident by enhancing their skills and capabilities.


The star represents the cell with the guidance of which the students are steered to become empowered women and to use the opportunities to the optimum. The three women symbolize the students who will become empowered and empower their fellow beings after receiving the guidance from the faculty members and the Government officials.  


  • To promote the special interests of students in the reserved category.
  • To provide special inputs in the areas the students experience difficulty.
  • To attend to the personal social and academic needs of the students.
  • To enable them to utilize the benefit of the various schemes offered by the government.
  • To organize programmes to enhance their personality and excel in their academic life.
Student Welfare Scheme


  • To reach down to the needy students and elevate them to the height.
  • To lend helping hands to the financially challenged and academically bright students.



         Though our college is situated in semi-urban area, most of the students are from rural background. More than seventy percentage of them are first generation graduates, whose parents are unable to meet their educational expenses. After seeing the plight of the students, the management and the faculty started “Student Welfare Fund” during the year 1984-85. Every month the faculty contributes certain amount and the same is used to pay the tuition fees and examination fees for six under graduate students and one post graduate student. The economically poor students good at studies receive this fund. Every year seventy students including sports students benefit from this programme.